Best Hotels and Cafes in Rishikesh

Best Cafes and Hotels in Rishikesh

Explore the best cafes and hotels in Rishikesh, where ease and peace combine. Rishikesh provides activities like rafting and a selection of lodging, dining options, catering to your needs whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway by the Ganges or a comfortable place to enjoy regional cuisine. The best cafes and hotels in Rishikesh provide something for every taste and budget, from charming cafes serving organic fare to opulent riverfront resorts. At the best hotels and cafes in Rishikesh, savor delectable cuisine and first-rate hospitality while taking in the natural beauty and spiritual atmosphere.

Rishikesh is widely recognised for its spiritual places, adventure activities and the majestic Ganga River. If I were to suggest, there are more places to add up in your itinerary then you’re likely to have started contemplating your thoughts. Lets venture into the places which can add up to your trip where every stay is a beautiful memory. You can explore the art of warm-heartedness and the magic brewing in the best hotels and cafes in Rishikesh with hillwayTravels. 

7 Best Cafe in Rishikesh

Experience the calm atmosphere and fragrant coffee at the best cafes in Rishikesh, where the picturesque and the spiritual collide. These cafes feature a wide range of delectable, healthful foods that satisfy every appetite in addition to providing a serene atmosphere ideal for contemplation and relaxation. The best cafes in Rishikesh are a hidden gem for foodies and adventure seekers alike, with charming riverbank locations where you can sip coffee while taking in views of the Ganges. These cafés offer the ideal environment, whether you’re searching for a spot to start your day with a hearty breakfast or a quiet nook to relax in after a busy day of exploration. Discover the most delectable cuisines and captivating environments at the best cafés in Rishikesh, which will make your visit one to remember.

Freedom Cafe

The best cafe in Rishikesh for couples is Freedom Cafe. Here, you can order vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cuisines in the front row seat with the mesmerized views of holy river Ganga. This cafe is located near Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh. It is renowned for Shaushka and Banana Nutella Cafe. This cafe will satiate your culinary taste with national and international delights. 

Little Buddha Cafe

While in Rishikesh, it is recommended that you visit Little Buddha Cafe. It is the best cafe near Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh. The average price for a couple visiting the cafe is approximately Rs 700 to 1000. Here, your tastebuds will tantalize with the local traditional dishes. This cafe is a haven for foreign tourists. 

The Beatles Cafe

In Tapovan, Beatles Cafe is famous for its mouth watering cuisines. The Beatles cafe Rishikesh price range between Rs 600 to 1000. It is a must visit place with your family and have delicious food. Don’t forget to try Burger and Fried Rice while gazing at the mighty river. This cafe is the best cafe in Tapovan Rishikesh. 

Ganga Beach Cafe

Ganga Beach Cafe is a stunning cafe located much closer to the Laxman Jhula bridge than the previous one in Rishikesh. Unlike other cafes in Rishikesh, Ganga View Cafe is fairly simple with white walls and leaf stencils contrary to the hippy, colorful wall art and pillows for support. I recommend you to try pizza with a cold coffee. 

Bistro Nirvana

In Rishikesh, your beautiful hideout can be Bistro Nirvana. It is a cafe situated near Green Valley Cottage. Here you must try Cheese Cromosque, and Hello To The Queen to satiate  your  taste buds. The soothing music, spiritual ambience and scenic beauty can add up to the memory. This cafe also serves refreshing beverages, continental delight with traditional culinaries. 

Pure Soul and Organic Kitchen

The best cafe in Rishikesh for nightlife is Pure Soul and Organic Kitchen. This cafe presents organic vegetarian European cuisines. At night, this cafe lightens up with beautiful colors providing the soothing ambience to the visitors. The average cost for a couple in this cafe is around Rs 500 to 700. Here, you can try Tofu with Himalyan Herb Rice at an affordable price. 

Tattva Cafe 

This cafe is one of the best cafes in Tapovan Rishikesh. The views can be breathtaking on a clear day. Simply take a seat outside, unplug, and let the allure of the surroundings envelop you. Its breathtaking scenery, welcoming staff, and pleasant wind make it a must-visit café in Rishikesh.

7 Best Hotels in Rishikesh

Discover the finest hotel in Rishikesh, a beautiful and peaceful haven nestled in the heart of the town renowned for its spirituality. This ideal location combines superb hospitality with peaceful Ganges views to provide a wonderful visit. Whether guests are seeking peace, adventure, or yoga, the best hotel in Rishikesh caters to all their demands with its state-of-the-art facilities and excellent service. Savor the unparalleled elegance and sophistication that set this hotel apart as the greatest in Rishikesh, where every stay is an unforgettable experience. From the moment you step through the doors, the hotel promises to capture the essence of this holy city with an unequaled combination of tradition and contemporary.

Hotel Ellbee Ganga View 

This hotel is located near Triveni Ghat providing a scenic view of nature. Here, you will be provided Premier and Deluxe suits at affordable prices. Travelers visit its official website or contact through the registered number. Your all queries will be resolved by the staff. Thereafter book for the hotel accordingly. 

The Roseate Ganges

The Roseate Ganges is a 5 star hotel in Rishikesh. It is situated in Timli Kaltri Village of Rishikesh. Travelers can book the stay at affordable prices with unforgettable services.The comprehensive details of the resort are provided in its official website. Tourists can book for resorts by contacting the staff. 

The Bungalows River Front

The best hotel in Rishikesh near Ram Jhula is Bungalows River Front. Here, all the services will be provided by the staff. This hotel is situated near river Ganga. From here, travelers can absorb the beauty of the place. 

Ananda in the Himalayas

Ananda in the Himalayas is a well-known luxury spa facility in Uttarakhand. This magnificent hotel, nestled up in the Himalayan foothills, provides a complete healing experience in the  peaceful surroundings. It is located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand near Rishikesh. This hotel  provides seamless villas, rooms and suits based on the demand. 

Ganga Kinnare: A RiverSide Boutique Hotel

The best hotel in Rishikesh near Laxman Jhula is Ganga Kinnare. The amenities of the hotel include Yoga Sessions, Rishikesh Rafting, Outdoor Activities and other numerous services. The charges for some outdoor activities are not included under the hotel services. This hotel presents the scenic beauty and modern comfort at affordable prices. Ganga Kinnare’s cozy accommodation ranges from standard to deluxe suits. 

Divine Resort and Spa

Divine Resort and Spa is an oasis for the people searching for rejuvenation and tranquility. If you are planning to visit this place then you can book a Haridwar Rishikesh Tour Package with HillwayTravels. Under this package, your needs will be met according to your demands. This resort will provide all the amenities. 

Dewa Retreat: A Himalayan Boutique Hotel 

Dewa Resort and Spa is nested in the himalayan mountains of Rishikesh. It has the spiritual aura to heal the individual emotionally as well as mentally. Travelers visiting Rishikesh with their family or love of their life can book in Dewa Retreat. All the booking details will be informed in the contact details provided in the website. It is advised to do a prior booking for the place. 


In conclusion, Rishikesh is a beautiful place to explore with more itinerary. While visiting a place, cafes and hotels help to make our stay more meaningful. It is advised to the tourists who are visiting Rishikesh that they should be aware of best cafes and hotels. This will make your trip hectic and stress free. The above cafes and hotels are the epitome of tranquility and positive ambience. Furthermore, they are blended with traditional culture and modern amenities. Spirituality is something which will alway stay with you for the whole journey. 

Best Cafes and Hotels in Rishikesh (FAQs)

Which is the best hotel in Rishikesh?

It is subjective to determine the best hotel in Rishikesh as it depends on individual preferences and requirements. However, some popular hotels in Rishikesh are Hotel Ganga Kinare, Aloha on the Ganges, and The Bungalows River Front.

Which is the best hotel in Tapovan Rishikesh?

Hotel UV, Rishikesh Grant, Aloha on the Ganges are one of the few hotels in Rishikesh.

Which cafe is best near the laxman Jhula?

I recommend trying Cafe Nirvana, located near Laxman Jhula.

What is the Speciality of food in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is known for its vegetarian and vegan food options, as it is a prominent destination for yoga and meditation retreats. The city offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious meals, including traditional Indian cuisine, organic and Ayurvedic dishes, and international vegetarian fare.