Milam Glacier Trek

Milam Glacier Trek

If your heart craves the thrill of walking on ancient glaciers, wandering through dense forests, looking upon a crystal-clear blue sky, and falling in the unmatched beauty of nature, then Milam Glacier Trek is not just an idea—it’s the invitation to an adventure vacation. Settled in the heart of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, India, the Milam Glacier stands as a testament to the mesmerizing beauty and untouched landscapes that the Himalayas offer.

Milam Glacier is nestled in the remote corners of the Johar Valley in the district of Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Spreading over 28 kilometers, Milam Glacier Trek is one of the largest glaciers in the region, consuming trekkers with its breathtaking beauty and view. This trek has gained popularity for its challenging land, breathtaking landscape, and rich cultural experiences. This is more than a trek; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories, to witness the grandeur of the Milam Glacier, and to be part of an adventure that transcends the ordinary.

Milam Glacier Trek

Planning Your Milam Glacier Trek

Before setting foot on the Trek of Milam Glacier, accurate planning is not just recommended but essential. Securing the necessary permits, choosing the right time for the trek, and packing essentials are key considerations. Trekkers should be well-prepared for the challenges that the journey might present. Let us tell you that the trek starts from Munsiyari, a beautiful town known for its scenic views of the Panchchuli and Nanda Devi peaks.

  • Choosing the Optimal Season: The first crucial step in planning your Milam Glacier’s trek is selecting the right time. Choosing the right time for your trek is crucial. The optimal trekking season extends from June to September, guaranteeing favorable weather conditions and accessibility. During these months, the glaciers glisten, and the meadows come alive with vibrant hues, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.
  • Essential Gear Checklist: Prepare for the trek by assembling the necessary gear.  trekking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, a reliable backpack, and other essentials are crucial. Having a correct gear amplifies both your comfort and safety throughout the journey.
  • Physical Conditioning: The Milam Glacier trek presents varying terrains and altitudes, demanding a certain level of physical fitness. Engage in pre-trek conditioning to acclimate your body to the challenges ahead. Cardiovascular exercises and strength training can significantly contribute to your overall preparedness.
  • Mapping Your Route: Dive deep into Identifying key waypoints, and plan your daily distances accordingly. A well-structured route enhances your trekking experience, ensuring you don’t miss out on the mesmerizing landscapes and cultural gems along the way.
  • Weather Monitoring: Keep a close eye on weather forecasts leading up to and during your trek. The Himalayan weather can be unpredictable, and staying informed allows you to adapt your plans accordingly, ensuring a smoother and safer journey.
  • Professional Guidance: Consider the value of professional guidance. Engaging an experienced trekking guide not only ensures your safety but also adds a layer of expertise, enriching your journey with insights into the region’s history, geology, and culture.


Essential Requirements for Milam Glacier Trek

  • Trekking Boots: Ensure ankle support and traction for varied terrains.
  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Pack layers adaptable to changing climates and altitudes.
  • Dependable Backpack: Choose a spacious and comfortable backpack for essentials.
  • Navigational Tools: Carry a map, compass, or GPS for accurate route navigation.
  • First Aid Kit: Include basics like bandages, antiseptic, pain relievers, and personal medications.
  • Hydration System: Stay hydrated with a reliable water bladder or bottles.
  • Nutritious Snacks: Pack high-energy snacks like trail mix and energy bars.
  • Proper Shelter: Depending on trekking style, bring a tent, sleeping bag, or suitable accommodations.
  • Weather Monitoring Tools: Stay informed with a weather radio or smartphone app.
  • Emergency Contacts and Communication Device: Have a list of contacts and a charged phone or satellite device for emergencies.


Milam Trek

Milam Glacier Trek Itinerary

The journey of the Milam Glacier Trek begins with the stunning destination and ends with thrill. It is a 10 day journey that starts from Kathgodam and ends at the pinnacle of the Kumaon peak. The details regarding the day by day itinerary are simplified in the following sections. Adventure junkies must go through the information and plan the trek respectively. 

  • Total Travel Distance: 340 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 10 to 12 Hours
  • Stay at the hotel with the delicious meals
  • Adjust the body with the alpine weather
  • Total Trek Distance: 14 Kilometer
  • Estimated Travel Time: 6 to 7 Hours
  • It is a easy climb in the journey 
  • Camping will be done in Lilam with bonfire
  • Total Travel Distance: 02 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 1 Hour
  • The trail is covered with lush green meadows and the grazing livestocks
  • Travelers will enjoy the hike in eye-catching destination
  • Total Travel Distance: 12 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 5 to 6 Hours
  • It is moderate level of trek ascending to the 3,3140 Meters of height
  • Nandakot and Laspa gaon are part of the expedition. 
  • Total Travel Distance: 16 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 7 to 8 Hours 
  • It is an intermediate trek located at an elevation of 3.430 Meters.
  • Martoli and Burfu are the stops of the journey.
  • Total Travel Distance: 6 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 2 Hours
  • Wake up in the Kumaon hills and continue the final Milam Glacier Trek.
  • Milam Village presents the India and Tibet traditions. 
  • Trekkers will reach the pinnacle of the journey and then return to the Milam Gaon for the nightstay. 
  • Total Travel Distance: 16 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 7 to 8 Hours
  • It is an expedition to the descending slopes.
  • Camping will be pitched in Rilkot. 
  • Total Travel Distance: 12 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 5 to 6 Hours
  • A walk beside the Gori Ganga river
  • Nature lovers will enjoy the relaxing walk


  • Total Travel Distance: 12 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 5 to 6 Hours
  • The expedition will end at an height of 1,850 meters above the sea level
  • Nightstay will be at the villagers abode with local delicacies
  • Total Travel Distance: 14 Km
  • Estimated Travel Time: 5 to 6 Hours
  • A memorable last day of the trek that ends at the Munsiyari gaon.
  • A famous tourist spot with dazzling sites 
  • Travel enthusiasts can set off for their respective destination.
  • They can also explore famous nearby places. 
  • The list of the beautiful destinations are given in the following sections. 
Trek tto Milam Glacier

Why to do Milam Glacier Trek with Hillway Travels?

Hillway Travel provides budget-friendly packages for the Milam Glacier’s Trek, taking on the responsibility of scheduling your trek for the designated days. We are committed to delivering the utmost in services, ensuring your journey is not only cost-effective but also seamlessly organized. Count on our dedicated team to assist and guide you through every aspect of the trek, making your Milam Glacier Trek experience memorable and worry-free. We take on the responsibility of organizing your trek for the designated days, ensuring you receive outstanding services. Our team will guide you every step of the way throughout the trek. Your Journey! Our Responsibility!

The Milam Glacier’s Trekking Route

As nature’s masterpiece, the trekking routes serve as a gateway to untouched landscape and scenic beauty. The trek kicks off from the attractive village of Munsiyari, leading through diverse landscapes. To do Milam Glacier Trek, trekkers must be prepared for sudden changes, ensuring safety during adverse conditions. To truly appreciate the magnificence of this journey, gaining insight into the trekking route is crucial. Here we present an in-depth guide, offering detailed insights and valuable tips to seamlessly navigate the enchanting trail towards the majestic Milam Glacier.

  • Start in Munsiyari, a scenic town surrounded by snow-capped peaks.
  • Explore the cultural richness of Milam Village, with ancient monasteries and traditional Himalayan life.
  • Pass through Rilkot, enjoying views of Panchachuli peaks as you approach icy rough mountains.
  • Travel across the Gori Ganga River solid suspension bridges for a thrilling experience.
  • Ascend to Bog Udiyar, unveiling expansive alpine meadows adorned with vibrant hues.
  • Optionally side trek to Nanda Devi East Base Camp for majestic views of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot.
  • Culminate your trek at the awe-inspiring Milam Glacier, a 28-kilometer expanse against the Himalayan backdrop.
Milam Glacier Trek Uttrakhand

As you trek deeper into the Himalayas, Milam Village shows itself as a beautiful gem. Milam Glacier Trek is a symphony of nature, culture, and adventure in the heart of the Himalayas.  In choosing Hillway Travel, you entrust your adventure to a team dedicated to crafting an affordable, well-organized, and unforgettable Milam Glacier Trek. Our commitment goes beyond cost-effectiveness — we prioritize seamless organization to ensure your journey is not only affordable but also effortlessly enjoyable. So, let us be your guide to the mesmerizing landscapes and cultural wonders of this Himalayan jewel.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Milam Glacier Trek

Milam Glacier is the source of the River Gori Ganga. It is the tributary of the Kali river that also flows from the Himalayas. 

Milam Glacier trek is among the largest treks of Kumaon region that covers 37 Kilometer of land. Adventure junkies begin the expedition from Munsiyari and reach the pinnacle of the glacier by covering 16 Kilometer distance. 

The Milam Glacier is located in the Kumaon region of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. It is 15 Kilometer away from Nanda Devi Peak. 

Travel enthusiasts planning for Milam Glacier trek can reach the destination via bus, train and flight. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam and airport at PantNagar in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand.

Milam Glacier trek begins from Munsiyari and takes 10 to 15 days to conclude the trek in Kumaon ranges. This trek is famous for its moderate level of hardship and welcomes novices as well as skilled trekkers. 

Hiking devotees visiting Uttarakhand state for Milam Glacier climb can book a trek package. The price of the trek ranges between Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per person. 

The Milam Glacier Trek of India is estimated to be concluded within 9 to 10 days. Hence, it is important to carry all the essentials in their journey to the Uttarakhand state. 

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