Kedarnath TREk

Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath Trek is a stunning mountain expedition located at the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Alpine enthusiasts looking for devotional journeys can begin a 37 Kilometer trek from Gaurikund. The en-route of the trek covers the Sonparayag, Jungle Chatti, Rambara Bridge, Bheem Bali, Linchauli, and Kedarnath Temple. Kedarnath Temple is a well known temple of Char Dham Yatra. In this temple, lord Shiva is worshiped by the devotees. Furthermore, the abode of Lord Shiva remains open only for 6 months of summer. Thereafter, the god is shifted to Ukhimath due the heavy snowfall in the Kedarnath Temple. Travelers must go through the schedule and furnish a plan for trekking of Kedarnath Dham. It is a moderate level of trek that can easily be reached successfully. The comprehensive information regarding the Kedarnath trek is simplified below. Alpine enthusiasts must go through the information and book a trek package accordingly.

Kedarnath Dham is among the four holy shrines of Char Dham Yatra. Here, devotees visiting the holy temple worship Lord Shiva and take his blessings. Based on the Hindu Mythology, it is said that Lord Shiva came to this destination in order to hide from Pandavas. After the Mahabharata war, Panadavas were searching the God for penance for their sins. Lord Shiva took the form of a bull and disappeared from Kashi and left for Kedarnath. Thus, it became the abode of Lord Shiva. It is believed that the lord does meditation in the serene surroundings of the Himalayan range. Every year, devotees visit the destination and admire the natural beauty.

Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath Trek Recap

Devotees planning for Kedarnath Dham Yatra can begin their journey from GauriKund by trekking. The details regarding the Kedarnath Trek of Uttarakhand are simplified in the points given below. Tourists must glance their eyes over the details and schedule their trip accordingly


  • Location: Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand
  • Altitude: 3,573 Meters
  • Trek Distance: 37 Kilometer
  • Hardship of Trek: Moderate
  • Number of Trek Days: 3 to 4 days
  • Starting Point of Trek: Gaurikund
  • Kedarnath Dham Opening Date 2024: 10th of May at 7:00 A.M 
  • Kedarnath Dham Closing Date 2024: 20th of November
  • Trekking En-route: Gaurikund, Sonprayag, Jungle Chatti, Rambara Bridge, Bheembali, Linchauli, and Kedarnath Temple
  • Famous Activities: Photography, Trekking, Scenic Spiritual Walk, and Camping
  • Nearby Famous Treks: Gangotri Gaumukh Trek, Panch Kedar Trek, Dodital Trek, Vasuki Tal Trek, Valley of Flowers Trek and Roopkund Trek
  • Nearby Famous Destination: Ukhimath, Chopta, Guptkashi, Gandhi Sarovar, Bhairavnath Temple, and Kalimath
  • Nearby Railway Station: Rishikesh
  • Nearby Airport: Jolly Grant Airport

Best Time to visit Kedarnath Winter Trek of Uttarakhand

The pious journey to the Kedarnath Temple of Uttarakhand can only be done for 6 months. The Kedarnath Temple opening date 2024  is 10th of May. Furthermore, the doors of the temple remain open till the October month. After that, the priests and the God are taken to the nearest holy shrine Ukhimath due to heavy snowfall. The god is worshiped based on the hindu rituals in Ukhimath. After the onset of summers, the lord is again shifted to the original abode. The Kedarnath temperature is moderate in these months. It is recorded between 12 Degree Celsius to 14 Degree Celsius. Additionally, the weather remains stable and pleasant. The closing date of Kedarnath Temple is 20th of November.

Best Time to Visit Kedarnath Trek
Kedarnath Trek Distance

Kedarnath Trek Distance

Pilgrimes can begin the Himalayan journey in the given six months of the Kedarnath Dham Yatra. The distance of Kedarnath Temple trek is estimated at 37 Kilometer in the towering mountain peak. Tourists from all over India can participate in the expedition that leads to the holy shrine of Lord Shiva. However, devotees will be required to reach Devbhoomi Uttarahand to commence the voyage to the hilly terrain. The points given below present the distance covered from the major cities of India. Travelers can go through the details and plan the trek accordingly. 

  • Distance from Delhi to Kedarnath: 445 Kilometer
  • Distance from Kolkata to Kedarnath: 1,500 Kilometer
  • Distance from Mumbai to Kedarnath: 1,725 Kilometer
  • Distance from Chennai to Kedarnath: 2,300 Kilometer
  • Distance from Bengaluru to Kedarnath: 2,150 Kilometer

Kedarnath Yatra Trek Itinerary

Travel enthusiasts must have absorbed all the essential details. Now, it’s turn to begin the expedition to the ethereal Kedarnath Temple. This trek can easily be completed within 3 to 4 days by covering all the spiritual sites. The Kedarnath Dham Trek Route Map is simplified day-wise in the following sections. It is important to go through the map and get familiar with the sites.

  • Travel Distance: 220 Km
  • Travel Time: 9 to 10 hours
  • All the transportation methods are accessible to reach Gaurikund. 
  • Travelers who have booked a tour package are required to reach Rishikesh. From here, they will set out for Himalayan journey under the booked package. 
  • Hotels or homestays in the high altitude can be booked for night stay.
  • Trek Distance: 6 + 6 Kilometer
  • Trek Time: 4 Hour
  • It is the first day to set out for the Kedarnath Dham trek that begins from Gaurikund 
  • Thereafter, the trekkers will cross the Rambara bridge and reach Jungle Chatti. 
  • The journey from Gaurikund to Sonprayag can also be covered by bus or local Tata Sumo. 
  • Travelers can stay with the natives of the village or pitch the camps under the twinkling stars.
  • Trek Distance: 7 Km
  • Trek Time: 3 Hours
  • After resting, the trek will begin early in the morning proceeding to Linchauli. 
  • Ascending in the rugged terrain is difficult and demands physical and mental strength. 
  • Camping will be done in the beautiful site.
  • Trek Distance: 5 Km
  • Trek Time: 3 Hours
  • Devotees will progress to Kedarnath Temple enclosed with towering Himalayan peaks. 
  • On those very days, trekkers will return to the Kedarnath Base Camp and then finally to Linchauli.
  • Trek Distance: 14 Km
  • Trek Time: 7 Hours
  • It is a small descend that can easily be approached in the expedition.
  • Travelers can take a local bus to Gaurikund from Sonprayag or they can continue to trek 6 km.
  • Travel Distance: 227 Kilometer
  • Travel Time: 9 to 10 Hours
  • A devotional journey comes to an end after reaching Rishikesh. 
  • The everlasting memories and God’s blessings remain forever.

Trekking of Kedarnath Dham is a spiritual journey that passes from deep gorges to waterfalls and emerald pasturelands. The natural beauty captures the attention of the devotees and gives calmness to heart, soul and body. Furthermore, the expedition begins from the lowlands and reaches the abode of Lord Shiva. Devotees will definitely be blessed on the Himalayan trail and tranquility of the surroundings boost the travel enthusiast. The lofty mountains greets all the tourists and takes them to a wonderland. Alpine enthusiasts can book a Kedarnath Dham Tour Package at the notified price. Here, they should also communicate about the trek details and the amenities provided under it. Therefore, tourists must start packaging the bags for the trip. It is essential to carry all the items needed in the mountain expedition. After that, set out for the trail in which camping, scenic photography adds up to enjoyment. Kedarnath Trek uncovers the box of happiness, thrill and devotion at the doorstep of lord Shiva.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dodital Darwa Top Trek

The trek distance from Gaurikund to Kedarnath Trek is 16 Kilometer. The distance will be covered within 9 to 10 hours in the Himalayan terrain.

Devotees can start the Kedarnath Dham yatra from a dazzling town: Gaurikund. It is a hindu pilgrimage site and known as Kedarnath Trek base camp. The elevation of the lush green valley is 1,990 Meters.

Travel enthusiasts venturing out for Kedarnath Dham Trek will be required to trek at a moderate level. Beginners as well as skilled trekkers can begin the expedition and take blessings of lord Shiva.

Devotees scheduling a plan for Kedarnath trek can begin the journey at any age. However, it is important to be in good physical and mental health. They should also consult a doctor before starting the trek.

Tourists can book a Kedarnath Trek Package Price that ranges between Rs 15000 to Rs 17000 Per Person. All the facilities will be provided under this package.

Kedarnath Dham 2024 Opening Date is 10th of May and remains open only for 6 months. Thereafter, the doors are shut down by the priests in the winter season due heavy snowfall.

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