Ruinsara Tal Trek

Ruinsara Tal Trek

Ruinsara Tal or Lake is a beautiful lake in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi District.  Trekking enthusiasts can add this location to their hiking itinerary. This trek is one of the best treks of Uttarakhand that is approached by many trekkers. Uttarkashi district is known as the gateway of the trekking expedition. It not only includes trekking sites but also the Char Dham Yatra destinations. Travelers visiting Uttarakhand state, specifically Uttarkashi district, can begin the trekking expedition to rejuvenate from monotonous activities. Here, trekkers learn about the local culture, and traditions and interact with natives. Further, trekkers connect with nature heal the person, and give a new insight. Now, let’s begin the journey from Sankaru Gaon of Uttarkashi which ends at the peak. The pinnacle of the summit presents the crystalline lake with stories connected with Hindu Mythology.

Ruinsara Tal Trek

Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal Trek: Delve into the Himalayan Mountains

Ruinsara Tal is a famous lake in the Har Ki Dun and Ruinsara Trek expedition. Trekkers visiting the place also go for an expedition. The altitude of the Ruinsara trek is 3,500 Meters which further makes it difficult. Beginners might find this trek challenging but hikers can reach the pinnacle with mental and physical wellbeing. In winter, this lake remains frozen and starts melting as the rays of the sun fall in the summer. The Har Ki Dun Ruinsara Tal weather always remains pleasant and provides tranquility for the explorers. As a result, it attracts many trekkers for its expedition. This trek demands comfortable trekking shoes to climb the rugged terrain. In the beginning, trekkers find it challenging to walk on the hills. As soon as they reach the pinnacle the sense of achievement puffs out the trekker’s chest. 

Explorers can start making a plan for trek in which they should include all the essentials, and trek details. If you are new to the location then it is better to book a ruinsara trek package with HillwayTravels. To resolve all the queries related to the package, explorers can contact the travel agents and ask all the related questions. Thereafter book the package accordingly and hike in the lofty Himalayan mountains. Once you have completed the trek, trekkers can also visit the Valley of Flowers Trek and other nearby trek and other destinations. 

Details connected with Ruinsara Tal Trek

To commence the trek, it is crucial to know all about the trek and then proceed to book the Ruinsara Tal Trek Package. This information will also assist travelers in planning the clear-cut trek plan. Tourists can run an eye over the detailed information and get updated about the trek. 

  • Location: Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand
  • Altitude: 3,500 Meters
  • Best season to Trek: Summer and Post-Monsoon Season
  • Number of Days to Trek: 5 to 6 days
  • Distance covered in Trek: 64 Kilometers 
  • Difficulty level of the Trek: 
  • Trek Base Camp: Sankari Gaon 
  • Destinations Covered in the Trek: Taluka, Devsu Bugyal, and Cheludgad
  • Nearby Destinations: Kalanag Peak, Swargrohini 
  • Nearby Railway Station: Dehradun/Haridwar Railway Station
  • Nearby Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
Ruinsara Lake Trek
Ruinsara Trek

Best Time to Visit the Ruinsara Tal Trek

Trekking in the appropriate season can give the best experience that the hikers are looking for. In a general way, the best season to trek is between April to June and September to November. In these months, the temperature and weather seem to be favorable for climbing. However, explorers who love snowfall also plan to trek in the winter season (November to March). Now, pursue the Ruinsara Tal Weather information and plan the trek accordingly. 

  • Summer Season: The temperature in summer (April to June) is divided into day and night. During the day, the temperature fluctuates between 10 to 15 Degree Celsius. On the contrary, the night temperature is cold and ranges between 9 to 11 Degree Celsius. Therefore, it is very important to carry warm clothes with insulated jackets. It keeps the trekkers from managing the cold winds blowing at night. 
  • Monsoon Season: The rainy season in Uttarakhand begins in July and remains till September. This is one of the wettest seasons and makes climbing challenging for trekkers. Thus it is recommended to not trek during this season. If still there is a trekking plan then pack all the essentials needed in the hiking trail. 
  • Post-Monsoon Season: Once the monsoon season is over, it begins the onset of autumn. It remains between July to September and makes the weather stable. In this season, the temperature of this place starts to drop. Nevertheless, the trek becomes advantageous in this season. This is to inform the trekkers that there is no snowfall in these months. 

Winter Season: The onset of winter begins in November and comes to an end in March. The temperature becomes freezing and fluctuates between -10 Degree Celsius to -2 Degrees. It also snows in the mighty Himalayas covering it with a white sheet. Trekkers can also plan in these months only with the condition that they pack insulated jackets, woolen socks, and other essentials.

Difficulty Level of Ruinsara Tal Trek

Ruinsara Trek is known as one of the most difficult treks, the same as the Har Ki Dun Trek. The rugged terrain of the trek with the high altitude makes the trail challenging. If you are a beginner then you will find this trek difficult. In contrast, experienced trekkers will enjoy the hike because of its thrill and challenge. It is important to gain some experience of trekking from the easier treks and then step to difficult treks. In trekking, physical and mental stamina always helps the trekkers to summit the peak successfully. In the summer season, the stability of the season also makes the trek less hectic. When it comes to winter trek, it is difficult to walk on the snow-covered trail. The extreme cold weather makes it challenging to hike at the top.

Ruinsara Tal Trekking

Har Ki Doon Ruinsara Tal Trek Itinerary

It is crucial to get to know about the itinerary that will be followed in the Ruinsara Lake Trek. It will give a brief idea of the expedition and help the trekkers with other trip aspects. Now, let us begin the voyage of a 7 days trek package from Rishikesh-Haridwar or capital city of Uttarakhand: Dehradun. Trekkers are advised to have a look at the itinerary and grasp all the information that is required in the summit.

  • Start  journey from Dehradun to Uttarkashi to Sankari Gaon
  • Dinner and night stay at hotel 
  • Accilitamise with the surrounding weather
  • Began the trek from Sankari Gaon to Taluka
  • Camping at the site.
  • Bonfire and Dinner will be provided
  • Set off from Taluka to Cheludgad trek
  • Completes within 4 to 5 hours
  • Camping at the scenic site 
  • Again start the journey and reach the pinnacle of Ruinsara Tal.
  • Successfully summited at the peak 
  • Time to trek back to Devasu Bugyal 
  • Take rest and proceed to Devasu Bugyal
  • Camp will be pitched at the location for the night stay
  • Trek from Cheludgad to Taluka 
  • Dinner & Nightstay
  • Back to the base camp
  • Last day of stay 

Nearby Places of Ruinsara Tal Trek

Travelers can add a few more places in their itinerary and have more experience in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. These places have their own joy that one should go through and include it in their souvenirs . The list of places that tourists must visit in their travel are given below 

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek is a nearby trek located in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Trekkers who are furnishing plans for Ruinsara Tal Trek can also set their journey for Har Ki Dun Trek also. This trek is located at the height of 12,000 feet and it takes 6 days to complete 44 Kilometer trek. In addition, this trek is not recommended to beginners as it demands physical stamina and trekking experience. It starts from Sankari Gaon and ends at the top of the peak. Har Ki Doon is a valley surrounded by many hills named as Swargrohini, Kala Nag Peak, and Bandarpunch peak. This trek is known for its difficult terrain that makes it challenging to climb up the hills. Enthusiastic explorers can make their plan and have a more thrilling experience in this trek. 

Gangotri National Park

Tourists visiting Uttarkashi district can explore Harshil, Auli and the important Char Dham Yatra shrine: Gangootri Dham. The way to Gangorti is covered by mountains, waterfalls, high altitude trees and diverse flora and fauna. In order to conserve the area, the Uttarakhand government has assigned this area under the national park. It is named as Gangotri National Park. Tourists are required to deposit entry fees to get into the national park. This helps to conserve the habitat and makes nature prosper. Furthermore, it is a holy place for Hindu devotees as it is the origin point of River Ganga.The gates of the shrine remain open only for 6 months. Therefore, it is closed by the pandits after the first snowfall in the region. 

Borasu Pass Trek

Borasu Pass is among the passes in Uttarakhand that connects Har Ki dun Valley to the Baspa Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This place is perfect for trekking experiences and attracts many tourists. As with other treks, this trek also starts from Sankari Village and ends at Chitkul peak. This trek is included in the countless difficult treks of Uttarakhand. Hence, it becomes an important site to be explored by climbing. Trekkers require determination, physical and mental well-being to cover the 1,890 altitude. It takes 5 to 6 days to explore the destination and summit the peak successfully. 

Morinda Tal 

Morindal Lake is a crystalline lake located 3 Kilometers away from Har Ki Dun Valley. Trekkers visiting the valley also explore this beautiful lake. It takes a maximum of 3-4 hours to complete the trek and reach the destination. In addition, it is one of the most dazzling places that can captivate tourists forever. Beginners can also set off for the lake and enjoy the solitude. Its proximity to Har Ki Dun Valley, Swaragrohini, and other numerous places makes this destination worth visiting. Furthermore, they can also camp in this beautiful place with their dearest people. 

Kedarkantha Trek 

Kedarkantha Trek is a 20-kilometer trek that completes within 5 days. Trekkers are required to reach Uttarkashi district and then visit Sankari Village. This village is a base camp for many of the treks including Kedarkantha. Beginners as well as experienced trekkers can begin the camp in the rugged terrain. As compared to other trails, these treks are not that difficult to summit. Hence, beginners can commence the trekking expedition from base camp and then move forward to Juda Ka Talab. While trekking, it is essential to carry comfortable shoes and all the other items that will help in the trekking and camping. 

To sum up the above information, trekking can be one of the best ways to rejuvenate from the hustle bustle of life. Here, explorers can start their voyage alone or with their friends. If you are alone then definitely, you will meet people with the same ambition i.e. to summit the peak. On the way, hikers will encounter cold winds, flora and fauna, high altitude trees with beautiful  flowers. As the trekkers step to the destination, it fills them with determination and courage to make their way to the peak. Once you successfully summit the peak, it gives the explorers a sense of achievement that is sometimes needed in life. It is seen that climbing acts as a detox that a person needs from the rush of hectic emotions, mental drama and other circumstances. 


Hiking enthusiasts can book the Ruinsara Tal Trek Package and get ready for the trek on the respective date. They should carry all the trekking and  camping equipment with comfortable trekking shoes. Then start preparing for the hike by doing physical activities like running, exercising and other activities. This will help to climb the lofty mountains and reach the pinnacle. Before starting the trek, it is advised to consult the doctor to make the trek comfortable. During the trek, if you find any health issues then approach the nearest hospital. Also, don’t forget to save the emergency number in the trek. It can help or assist the trekkers in any difficult situation. At last, stay informed and alert about your surroundings and focus at the peak to summit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Concerned with Ruinsara Tal trek

The height of Ruinsara Tal Trek is estimated at 3,500 Meters in the lofty Himalayan ranges. It takes 3 to 4 days to complete the trek successfully.

The hardship level of Ruinsara trek is easygoing to moderate. Beginners can also go for the trek and learn trekking with the experienced hikers. 

Har Ki Doon Ruinsara Tal Trek covers villages known as Sankari Gaon (Basecamp site), Taluka, Devsu Bugyal, and Cheludgad. These sites will connect the trekkers with nature, inhabitants, local culture and traditions. 


Ruinsara tal trek that goes from Har ki Dun Trek covers 64 Kilometer distance. It begins from Sankari Village and continues to the lake. During the trek, it is important to adjust with the high altitude weather.

There are many reasons that answer the query. Firstly, it makes the trek hectic as new destinations will be included in it. This further makes the climb difficult and also requires more effort that will definitely exhaust the trekkers. As a result, these two treks are separated from each other. Beginners can explore these treks separately whereas experienced hikers can trek in one go.

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