Kedartal Trek

Kedartal Trek

Kedartal Trek is one such famous trek that can easily be found in the Gangotri National Park of Uttarakhand. It is located at 4,912 meters or 16,116 feet in the Garhwal ranges. Tourists visit the destination from all over the world and set out for a 6-day expedition. Furthermore, the hike begins from one of the famous Char Dham Yatra destinations: Gangotri Dham. Wanderlust freaks are required to cover 17 Kilometers to reach the pinnacle of the mountain. Here, they will encounter the glacial lake also known as the “Shiva’s Lake”. 

The above brief information must have lured travel enthusiasts seeking out the famous treks of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Kedartal Trek is among the destinations that will surely revitalize travelers from their monotonous schedule. They can scroll down the page for more information regarding the renowned trek of Devbhoomi. Certainly, it will assist the wanderlust freaks to schedule the trek with reliable information. Thereafter, they can set out for the expedition and make everlasting memories. 

Kedartal Trek

Kedartal Trek: Embrace the Mighty Himalayas

Kedartal is a famous glacial lake that is fed by the waters of Mount Thalay Sagar, Mount Meru, and Mount Bhrigunath. This lake is the origin source of the Kedar Ganga River which merges with the Bhagirathi River. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva helped Bhagirathi to begin her journey on the planet and gave penance to the human soul. Devotees visit the destination for the blessings of the God and Goddess. However, thrill seekers look up to this place for trekking, camping, and photography. They begin the trek from Gangotri Dham to Kedartal and then descend to their respective destination. Kedartal trek is the best expedition that presents the beauty of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges. 

Kedar Tal Trek is a moderate-level trek that begins from Gangotri gaon and then proceeds to the Bhoj Kharak, Kedar Kharak, and Mount Jogin. Adventure junkies can also visit Kedarnath Dham for the Lord Shiva’s blessings. They can schedule the trek in the best season and enjoy the journey. Before setting out for the journey, daredevils must do 1-2 hours workout with 5 kilometer running. It not only strengthens physically and mentally but also teaches perseverance. It is essential to be fully prepared to reach the zenith of the destination. 

Kedartal Trek Overview

Kedar Tal Trek in Uttarakhand is a stunning trail that covers the Himalayan mountains. Adventure junkies curious about this glacial lake can glance through the points presented below. These details will assist the trekkers in scheduling a trip to the Garhwal peaks. After that, they can approach travel agencies and book a Kedartal Trek Package in the best season. It will be one of the best expeditions that trekkers have ever done in their various journeys. 

  • Location: Gangotri National Park in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand
  • Height: 4,912 Meters or 16,116 Feet
  • Base Camp: Gangotri Dham
  • Distance of trek: 17 Kilometer 
  • Hardship Level: Moderate trek
  • Number of Days: 6 Days 
  • Best time to plan for trek: Summer months and Post Monsoon season
  • Spiritual destination: Gangotri Dham and Kedarnath Dham
  • Surrounding lofty peaks: Mount Jogin, Manda Parvat, Mount Bhrigupanth, Mount Gangotri and Mount Thalay Sagar
  • Nearby Famous locations: Kedar Valley, Bhoj Kharak, Gaumukh, Shivling Peak, Meru Glacier, Bhairon Ghati, and Pandava Gufa
  • Nearest Famous Treks: Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, Roopkund Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, Dodi Tal Darwa Trek, Vasuki Tal Trek, and other numerous treks
  • Nearest Railway Station: Rishikesh Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
Kedartal Trek Uttrakhand

Kedartal Trek Itinerary

Before venturing out for the expedition, it is essential to plan a route of the best treks of Uttarakhand.  Here, we have simplified the 6 days Kedartal Trek Itinerary of Devbhoomi. 

  • Hop into a bus or book a taxi or cab.
  • It is a beautiful journey filled with mountains, waterfalls, rivers and Himlayan flora and fauna.
  • It is an 11 to 12 hour voyage with an awe-struck beauty. 
  • Stay in the nearest hotel in Gangotri town.
  • Hiking devotees must have adjusted with the high altitude environment.
  • Now, set out for the expedition after the scrumptious breakfast.
  • The trek will begin from the respective destination.
  • It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach Kedar Kharak
  • Camps will be pitched in the beautiful meadows.
  • The morning in Garhwal starts from a cup of hot tea and local breakfast. 
  • Final trek to the glacial lake
  • It will give the hikers a sense of achievement.
  • Now, it’s time to go back to the base camp: Gangotri town
  • It takes 8 to 9 hours to reach the Gangotri gaon.
  • Bus and taxis are available to begin the voyage for Rishikesh
  • A journey with a heavy heart and lots of long lasting memories. 
Best Time oF Kedartal Trek

Best time to visit Kedartal Trek

Kedartal trek becomes a beautiful journey if traveled in the best season. The question about which season is the best now emerges. Let us check out the Kedartal Trek’s best season by analyzing all the seasons.  

April to June (Summer Season): The summer season that begins in April and ends in June is one of the best seasons to set out for the expedition. The temperature in the journey remains between 10 Degrees Celsius to 15 Degrees Celsius in the daytime. Nonetheless, it starts to drop in the nighttime making it freezing. The route to the glacial lake becomes accessible as the snow melts rapidly. Adventure bluffs can schedule the trek in this season and enjoy the expedition. 

July to September (Monsoon Season): In the Himalayas, the monsoon season experiences heavy rainfall that further weakens the mighty mountains. Furthermore, it becomes a hot spot for landslides, cloud bursts, etc. Hence, trekkers must avoid expeditions in this season. 

August to November (post-monsoon season): The season for trekking again becomes favorable from August to November. The temperature starts to drop in the hilly regions making the journey pleasant. It is recorded between 5 Degrees Celsius to 15 Degrees Celsius. Trekkers must keep insulated jackets and warm clothes in their trekking bags. This season will be added to the Kedartal trek’s best seasons. 

December to March (Winter Season): In the beginning, the temperature drops from zero degrees Celsius to negative, and then the snowfall. The route to the Kedar Lake becomes difficult still adventure junkies explore the trek with all the essentials. The towering mountains take the blanket of snow and cover themselves. If you admire snow-covered mountains then this is the best season to venture out for the trek.  

Difficulty Level of the Kedartal Trek

In this section, we will calculate the hardship of the 4 days long Kedartal trek of Uttarakhand in various parameters. This will help the trekkers to know about the trek and prepare for it accordingly. To be precise, the Kedar Tal expedition is a moderate level of climb that welcomes skilled trekkers and beginners also. Now, let us simplify the factors that make the hike moderate. 

High Altitude: The altitude of the renowned trek is 4,912 Meters or 16,116 Feet. Travel enthusiasts not habitual of the place might find it difficult to trek at this altitude. Furthermore, as the travelers ascend to the peak oxygen level starts to drop. Therefore, it becomes important to adapt the body according to the environment. Camping on the trek is the best method for acclimatization in the high-altitude mountains. 

Long Duration: The total number of days for the Kedartal trek is 4 days. Skilled trekkers will find the trek for recreation and admire the beauty. However, beginners might find the duration of the trek long and get lonely in inhabited mountains. Trekking becomes interesting with the local people as they present the local culture and traditions. 

Trek fatigueness: The high-altitude mountains come with numerous difficulties. It exhausted the trekkers physically and mentally. Trekkers might also find difficulty in breathing and also experience high altitude sickness. Thus, it is important to carry medicines on the voyage.  

Terrain: The Himalayan mountain terrains are rugged and make it difficult to ascend. Trekkers must do physical activities to gain the stamina for the trek. Exercises and running will help strengthen the stamina and self-confidence required in the expedition. 

Kedartal Trek In India
Kedartal Himalayan Trek

Planning and Preparation for Kedartal Trek in India

It is important for adventure junkies who have planned the Kedartal Trek to begin getting out in preparation for the planned hike. The expedition must be carefully prepared for the thrill. The crucial considerations that must be made before beginning the route are listed here. Let us go through the outlined points.

  1. It is very important to begin the trek journey by working on physical and mental fitness. This can only be gained by continuously following exercise and running regimes. Trekkers are required to do 6 to 7 Kilometer running every day with 2 hours of exercise. It boosts stamina and builds confidence. 
  2. Adventure junkies who are always on the hunt for a thrilling expedition are required to equip themselves with trekking equipment. This equipment should be waterproof and comfortable to make the expedition easy. The list of trekking essentials is listed below to assist travel enthusiasts. 
  3. Once the Kedartal trek begins, it is important for the climbers to adjust their bodies according to the high-altitude environment. This helps in avoiding high altitude sickness and other problems faced in the hike.
  4. Travel enthusiasts must be aware of the weather conditions of the trek route. The Himalayan regions are known for their unpredictability. As trekkers, we can’t change the weather but we can prepare ourselves with their extremity and summit the peak.
  5. Last but not least, hiking devotees must carry emergency contact numbers that include the nearest hospital, police station, and instructor contact details. These contact details will assist the climbers in numerous difficulties encountered in the journey. 

Important Items to Carry in the Kedartal trek

Travel enthusiasts planning for the Kedartal trek in India are necessary to carry essential items in their expedition. These items will help in the voyage on the Himalayan treks. The points given below present the list of items that must be carried on the Garhwal trail. Trekkers scheduled for their journey for the trek are requested to go through the points and pack all the things in their hiking backpacks. 

  • High ankle trekking shoes with woolen shocks
  • Waterproof and insulated jackets
  • Dry and moisture-absorbing pants 
  • Thermal inner wears with woolen scarf and gloves
  • Camping tents and comfortable sleeping bags 
  • Water bottle
  • High energy snacks 
  • Compass, GPS, and maps
  • First Aid Kit with all the medicines 
  • Sunscreen lotion to protect from UV rays
  • Flashlights 
  • Toiletry Kit with all the essentials 
  • Power bank for charging electronic devices
  • Trekking hat
  • Emergency contact numbers
Uttrakhnad Kedartal

Nearby Famous Destinations of Kedartal Trek of Uttarakhand

Bold explorers must be looking for more places for exploration after concluding the Kedartal trek. Uttarakhand is filled with many beautiful destinations that can be explored on the journey. Here, we have presented the four important destinations that must be included in the Uttarakhand travel itinerary. 

Dodi Tal Darwa Trek 

Dodi Tal Darwa Trek is a famous trek located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is a picturesque trek that begins from Sangam Chatti to the Darwa Top. It takes 4 to 5 days to conclude the 27-kilometer trek in the Garhwal range. This trek presents the view of the snow-covered Bandarpunch Peak, Swargrogini, and Draupadi ka Danda Peak. It is a mesmerizing trek for beginners as well as skilled trekkers. 

Meru Glacier

Meru Glacier is a glacier located between Shivling and Thalay Sagar in the Uttarakhand state. Earlier, it was a UNESCO site and the base camp for trekkers going for the expedition in the towering Himalayan ranges. Meru Glacier comprises the three highest peaks that are trekked by the adventure bluffs. These treks are one of the challenging treks that demand experience and climbing skills. 

Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund Trek  

Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund trek can also be added to the Kedar Tal trek itinerary. It is a 7 7-kilometer difficult trek that begins from Yamunotri Dham and ends at the Saptarishi Kund. The altitude of the Saptarsihi Kund is 4,421 located in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. It is one of the most challenging treks of the Garhwal range accompanied by the holy river Yamuna. The best season to trek in the Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund is in the post-monsoon season. 

Shivling Peak

Shivling is a towering mountain located in the Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand. This location is near the Gaumukh: the origin point of the holy river Ganga. Devotees as well as mountaineers visit the place and set out for the challenging journey. Its steep climbs challenge the trekkers to reach its pinnacle. This mountain was first trekked by Hukum Singh on 3rd June 1974. thereafter, it became the most famous spot for climbing for the adventure junkies.

One of the hikes that is waiting for the expedition is the Kedartal Trek. First of all, the travel enthusiasts visit a lot of worthwhile renowned destinations on this expedition. These sites include Gangotri Dham, Gaumukh, Kedarnath Dham, and other great number of stunning destinations. Second, it turns trekkers head on on a journey of faith which is important for human existence. It links the explorers with angelic force and opens their eyes to a fresh way of seeing everyday life. Thirdly, it presents us with a diverse awareness regarding various people, civilizations, and traditions related to Vedic tales. As a result, it teaches us to accept ourselves and makes us proud of the uniqueness that makes each of us different in our ways. Fourthly, hikers learn about their whole health which includes mental and physical fitness. Finally, these expeditions are always important to break up the mundane schedule of life and provide a thrill in beautiful natural settings. Adventure junkies must reserve a Kedartal Trek Package to begin their climb at the zenith for these reasons. You will have a completely new experience from this expedition that you desperately need right now. Now let’s set off and share our experiences in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question Regarding the Kedartal Trek

The Kedar Tal Trek located at  4,912 Meters of height is a moderate level trek. Trekkers must focus on the physical activity and mental fitness to successfully out reach the destination. 

Adventure junkies commencing their journey from Gangorti Dham to Kedar tal are required to cover 17 Kilometer. The route to the glacial lake is covered with snow peaked lofty mountains, waterfalls and stunning Himalayan biodiversity.

The approximate altitude of the Kedartal trek is 4,912 meters that can be covered within 5 to 6 days. It is necessary to Gangotri Dham to begin the trekking expedition.

Hiking devotees setting out for the Kedar Tal trek journey will encounter mighty Himalayan peaks. These peaks include Mount Manda Parvat, Mount Jogin, Mount Gangotri, Mount Bhrigupanth, and Mount Thalay Sagar.

The expedition of the Kedartal trek begins from Gangorti Dham. Trekkers planning for the journey are required to travel 300 Kilometer and reach the destination within 10 to 12 hours. 

The price of the Kedartal Trek package varies between Rs 27,000 to 30,000. In this package, all the essential amenities will be included with the hotel stay and means of transportation. 

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