Dhanaulti Camping

Dhanaulti Camping

Camping in Dhanaulti is the first thought that comes to mind when travelers visit Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. If you are in Uttarakhand then include this in your itinerary. It will not only provide a secure night stay in the middle of the jungle or mountains but also connect you with nature. Here, tourists can explore “Pahadi Lifestyle ”, and adventure activities, and also enjoy self-love. Dhanaulti Camping presents all these things in one trip. It starts from waking up in a dazzling destination with a hot cup of coffee while listening to the chipping of birds. This moment becomes more admiring with our dearest people. These moments complete human life and provide a stunning stop from hectic life.

This place is 34 kilometers away from Mussoorie which typically takes one hour to reach. Tourists visiting Mussoorie also love to visit Dhanulti. This place presents many tourists place like Deograh Fort, Eco Park, Surkanda Devi Temple, Matalia Dam and many other places. Besides these tourist sites, this place is also famous for its camping sites. These sites include Camp Awara, Camp Little Jaguar, Eco Park Camp, Apple Orchard Camp, and Kanatal Adventure Camp. These camps provide all the amenities required for the stay. Travelers booking the Dhanualti Tour Package can also book for any of the camps. It is advisable to book camp before checking all the amenities and its current status. Hillwaytravels can provide you with the best camp based on your requirements. Here we provide you a good accommodations, Barbecues, Bonfires, natural trails, and other activities. You can visit our website or contact our given number for further details. 

Types Of Camp

Alpine Camps in Dhanaulti

Indulge in the captivating charm of camping amidst the alpine beauty of Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand. Our exclusive Dhanaulti camp tour package encompasses a variety of services, all bundled in an appealing pricing package.

1. Standard Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snacks
4. Dance Music
5. Bonfire / Campfire
6. Parking

Dhanaulti Camping
Luxury Camp Dhanaulti

Luxury camping in Dhanaulti

Uncover the charm of upscale camping amid the scenic landscapes of Dhanaulti. Seize your spot in our exclusive package, where tranquility and adventure seamlessly blend in nature’s serene embrace.

1. Luxury Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snacks
4. Dance Music
5. Bonfire / Campfire
6. Parking
7. Attached Washroom
8. Power Backup
9. Swimming Pool


Ultra Luxury camping in Dhanaulti

Hillway Travels invites you to an exclusive journey with our curated tour packages, offering enchanting camping experiences in Dhanaulti. Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace with our Ultra Luxury Tour Packages – reserve your spot today.

1. Ultra Luxury Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snacks
4. Dance Music
5. Bonfire / Campfire
6. Parking
7. Attached Washroom
8. Power Backup
9. Swimming Pool

Ultra Luxury Camp Dhanaulti
Dhanaulti Uttarakhand

Important Points Related to Dhanaulti Uttarakhand

Tourists visiting Uttarakhand can add this beautiful destination to their itinerary. The information required to get aware of the site is listed in the following points. Travelers can seek the information and schedule the trip accordingly.

  • Location: 24 Kilometer away from Mussoorie, Tehri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand
  • Altitude: 2,286 Meters
  • Pilgrimage Site: Surkanda Devi Temple and Dashavatar Temple
  • Name of the Adventurous Activities: Trekking, Flying Fox, Camping and Rappelling
  • Well Known for Eco Parks
  • Nearest Waterfall: Jordan Fall’s Beauty
  • Nearest Railway Station: Dehradun
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport
  • Transportation Facilities: Bus, Cab, and Two Wheelers
  • Distance from Dehradun: 60 Kilometers and takes 3-4 Hours to reach the destination
  • Distance from Delhi: 300 Kilometers and can be covered within 9-10 Hours
  • Name of the Camping Sites: Mussoorie and Dhanaulti
  • Amenities included in Camp: Snacks, Bonfire, Breakfast, Lunch Adventure Activities, and other Fun activities. 
  • Amenities Excluded in Camp: Taxes, Transportation Fare, Local Guides, etc. 

7 Best Camping Sites in Dhanaulti

The above section must have given an insight into the camp in Dhanaulti. Now, let’s glance through the best camp in Dhanaulti near Mussoorie. It will help the tourists visiting Devbhoomi Uttarakhand for the first time. Moreover, it will assist in scheduling the trip and visiting the best sites in Mussoorie. Additionally, they can pick any of the camps and contact them for more details and then book the Dhanaulti Camping Packages. 

Camp Awara

Camp Awara is the dazzling camp pitched on 125 hectares of Land in Dhanaulti Uttarakhand. Tourists add this camp to their itinerary list and spend their nights in this location. Camp Awara Dhanaulti presents a striking view of Bandarpoonch Glacier, Gangorti, and other Devbhoomi Uttarakhand places. To make the traveler’s stay enjoyable, it presents 5 Dome Tents, 15 Deluxe Swiss Tents, and 5 camping tents. The price of each camp varies from each other. Tourists can book any of the camps and enjoy the serenity of high-altitude mountains. Here, tourists can also adventure with Commando Crawling, Commando Climbing, Tire Climbing, Fox Flying, and other numerous activities. 

Camp O Royale

Camp O Royale can be the best camp travelers are seeking for a night stay in Dhanaulti. It consists of 6 Deluxe Tents (Common washrooms) and 21 Luxury Tents (Attached Bathroom). It provides many facilities that make it worth staying in the mighty mountains covered with jungle foliage. Furthermore, travelers take pleasure in becoming part of nature for a few days. Spending time in this serene environment can rejuvenate the tourists and solitude will strengthen emotionally and physically. Bonfire, scrumptious meals, and adventure activities are part of the Camp O Royale Dhanaulti Package. 

Kanatal Camp

Kanatal is an eye-catching location located in the Garhwal Himalayan range. This destination is well known for its camping sites. Tourists visiting Mussoorie, and doing best treks in Uttarakhand visit these camps to make their nights thrilling in natural sites. Trekkers, as well as tourists, can book a tour camp in Dhanaulti and continue to enjoy their trip in the “Abode of God”. The camp in Kanatal comprises 2 Standard Tents, 2 Deluxe Tents, and 11 Super Deluxe Tents. The stunning view from the pinnacle of mountains covered with dense foliage makes the stay perfect for tourists. Also, trekking enthusiasts can venture into rough treks in the lofty mountains. 

Whispering Pine 

If travelers are looking for a camp enclosed with high-altitude pine and oak trees then Whispering Pine Camp is the best. Here, you can see the clear sky glittering with stars and the moon lights will provide the natural light. In this beautiful destination, tourists will meet other camp members and have a bonfire and delicious dinner. Furthermore, they can also sing, dance, and perform fun activities to make the night memorable. Whispering Camp consists of 14-15 Alpine Camp (Attached Washroom), 6 Alpine Camps (Common Washroom), 50 Dome Tents, and countless ethnic huts. 

Camp Dhanaulti Magic

Camp Dhanaulti Magic has its spark that can’t be skipped from the Dhanaulti camping list. This camp is well known for its famous activities including Skywalk, Zip Line, Paragliding, Mountain Climbing, and trekking. Here, travelers will find Deluxe tents and Swiss Bamboo Cottages. They can book any of the camps by contacting the travel agency and make their fascinating trip under the sky. Travelers adore the beauty of mountains with a blend of tranquility. It soothes the souls of tourists who often get tired of the hustle and bustle of life. In winter, these sites become more attractive as the mountains take the blanket of white snow. Hence, tourists can book the Camp Dhanaulti Magic Package in winter also. 

Kanatal Adventure Camps  

Once the traveler has done trekking in the striking pine forest and walked in Mowgli Road and Burma Bridge then they can return to Kanatal Adventure Camp for a night stay. Camping will add to a life long memory of the Uttarakhand visit souvenir. The Swiss tents will make the nights comfortable in deep jungles in Garhwal Ranges. Here, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy under the sky and have long discussions about life with a hot coffee. The next morning will be filled with lots of adventure activities. This camp will also provide two meals with evening snacks and morning tea. It will make the stay filled with happiness in a dazzling site. 

Camp 180 Heights


Camp 180 Degree is among the top adventure camps in Dhanaulti. If you are visiting Dhanaulti or Mussoorie then it is best to stay at this eye-catching site in the pitched camp providing all the amenities. Travelers can derive joy from the elegant destination by having a comfortable stay. These camps provide the trust of living a comfortable stay in a high altitude location that is far away from civilization. The tickles of wanderlust will vanish within a second as travelers reach the camp. Camp authorities will assist in all the queries related to the destination and present the fun and adventure activities to make it more interesting. 

To sum up all the above information, Camping contains a packet of joy, thrill, and souvenirs that every person needs in their life. If you just want to spend some time in solitude or want family time with your dearest people then Mussoorie Dhanaulti Camping is the best. Mussoorie and Dhanaulti are among the hill tourist destinations that attract lots of tourists from all over India. Camping in Dhanaulti is pocket-friendly and provides a night stay in the beautiful destination. The weather of this place remains cold and in winter snowfall makes it more pleasant. Travelers can see flowers blooming in the spring season in the nearby jungles covering the lofty mountains with beauty. In summer, sunlight doesn’t irritate with its hotness, rather it makes you enjoy the sun with a cold gust of wind. In contrast, winters look amazing as snowballs all from the sky covering the mountains with its white blanket. As a result, the Dhanaulti itinerary has lots of striking memories that will leave you awe-struck.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dhanaulti Camping

There are many places in Dhanaulti where tourists can go camping with their dearest people. These sites include Kanatal Camp, Camp Dhanaulti Magic, Camp O Royale, Camp Awara and many other great numbers of camps. Tourists can select any of the camps and book accordingly.

Travelers who have booked the adventure camps of Dhanaulti will be offered adventure activities, comfortable camps, bonfires and meals. 

The top camping farms near Dhanaulti are Garg Farms, Kapoor Farms, Fresh in the Wild, and Forest  View Campsite.Travelers can approach any of the camps and make a beautiful memory. 

Dhanaulti Camping Packages cost from Rs 900 to  Rs 3500. The cheapest camping cost is for Alpine Camps. Whereas Ultra Luxury Camps are a bit expensive but provide all the facilities that are not provided in other camps.

The distance of Dhanaulti from Mussoorie is 24 Kilometer and takes 1 hour to reach the location.

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