Manali Rafting

Manali Rafting

Manali is a beautiful destination place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This serene beauty also presents the exhilarating rafting in Beas water. River Beas flows through the Kullu Manali region. This river is known for its high rapids which further attracts rafting enthusiasts. In Manali, the rafting distance stretches from Pirdi to Jhiri. Rafting places are easily accessible for all the tourists visiting the place. The best time for Manali River Rafting starts from March to June and September to October. Here, the rapids of Beas River are from Grades I to IV. While rafting, all the safety measures are checked by the instructors. Book a Kullu Manali Tour Package on the Hillwaytravels website, if you are visiting the place. While visiting the place, don’t forget to explore rafting in the scenic beauty of the Himalayan landscape

7 Km Rafting in Kullu

Rafting in Kullu offers an adrenaline-soaked journey along the roaring Beas River. Amidst stunning Himalayan scenery, experience the thrill of navigating through challenging rapids for an unforgettable adventure.

The basic information is provided in the following points:

1. Start & End  point: Near Dobhi Bridge

2. 30 minutes for the preparation e.g. guide telling you instructions, inflating rafts, and safety briefing.
3. Takes about

  • 7 km 4 rapids: 30- 35 minutes
  • 13 km 7 rapids: 50- 60 minutes to finish.
Manali Rafting
Rafting Tattapani

12 Km Rafting From Tattapani

Embark on a thrilling 12 km rafting adventure at Tattapani, navigating the challenging rapids of the Sutlej River. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, this rafting experience offers both excitement and breathtaking landscapes

Let’s read out the details listed in the given points before commencing the trip:

1. Start & End  point: Luhri to Chaba

2. 30 minutes for the preparation e.g. guide tell you instruction, inflating rafts and safety briefing.
3.Takes about 12 km 3 – 4 rapids:  1.5 hours  to finish.

12 Km Rafting From Raison

Raison, near Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, offers an exciting rafting experience. Known for its moderate rapids, it is an ideal destination for both beginners and those seeking a more relaxed rafting adventure. 

Travelers can scroll down for more details related to rafting:

1. Start & End point: Jhiri (30 minutes – 1 hour drive).

2. 30 minutes for the preparation e.g. guide telling you instructions, inflating rafts, and safety briefing.
3. Takes about 30 -40 minutes (depending on water current) to finish.


Rafting From Raison

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