Mussoorie Camping

Mussoorie Camping

Mussoorie Camp is among the most enchanting experiences a tourist can experience in this dazzling place. It is a blend of tranquility and enjoyment that can be felt simultaneously. These camps are pitched in the striking destinations of George Everest, Haripur Camp, and countless others. Here, travelers can enjoy their stay by spending time under the sky with a bonfire and delicious meals. Tourists admiring the journey with their loved ones share quality time and have long talks that build up the relationship. Mussoorie camping packages can be booked easily on specific days. Three packages for Mussoorie camping include Alpine Camp, Luxury Camp, and Ultra Luxury Camp. The Mussoorie Camp cost varies accordingly and the amenities also change. Tourists can scroll down the information and book a respective plan. Furthermore, they can also contact HillwayTravels to get responses to all the queries from a reliable source. The details regarding the camp will be disclosed here only. Now, let’s make a well-furnished plan for Dhanaulti and Mussoorie Camping. 

All About Mussoorie Uttarakhand

Tourists visiting the “Queen of Mountains” must be aware of the dazzling destination. The important information about Mussoorie is outlined in the following points. Travelers can run their eyes over the given points and schedule trips accordingly. 

  • Location: Dehradun District, Uttarakhand
  • Mussoorie Altitude: 1,880 Meters or 6,170 Feet
  • Established by: Captain Fredrick Young in 1820 
  • Nickname: Queen of Mountains
  • Name of Important Sites: Camel’s Back Home, Laal Tibba, Gun Hill, Christ Church, Mall Road, Landour Clock Tower, and other countless places
  • Name of Renowned Personalities: Sir George Everest (Mountaineer) and Ruskin Bond (Novelist)
  • Annual Events: Mussoorie Winterline Carnival
  • Local Language: Hindi, Garhwali and English
  • Name of the trekking routes: Har Ki Dun and Nag Tibba Trek 
  • Local Cuisines: Momos, and various Pahadi delicacies
  • Proximity from Dehradun: 35 Kilometers and takes 2 hours to reach the destination
  • Cable Line Accessibility: Ropeway from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill
  • Nearest Railway Station: Dehradun
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant
  • Famous Camping Sites: George Everest, Camp Awara, Avalanche Adventure Camp, and many more
  • Types of Camps: Alpine Camp, Luxury Camp, and Ultra Luxury Camp
  • Mussoorie Camp Range: Rs 900 to 3500
Mussoorie Queen of Mountain
Best Time of Mussoorie

Best Time to Visit Mussoorie India

Tourists planning for a trip can check the Mussoorie weather and plan the trip accordingly. The weather of Mussoorie can be concluded in four seasons: Spring, Summer, Monsoon and Winter. Every season comes with its own beauty and mesmerizes the tourists with its charm. Lets learn about the temperature and other details about the best season of Mussoorie season-wise.

Summer Season: Daytime temperature of mussoorie varies between 15 Degree Celsius to 20 Degree Celsius. In contrast, night time temperature records 4 to 5 Degree Celsius fall and makes it a bit freezing. This season is ideal for outdoor activities that include Hiking. Adventurous Activities and Nature Walks. 

Monsoon Season: This season is the wettest season in Mussoorie. It pours heavenly making the outdoor activities difficult but the indoor stay seems beautiful with hot coffee and delicacies. Greenery in mountains keeps the tourists awe-struck and captivates them for a long time. Now coming to the temperature, it starts freezing in the day-time and reaches 19 Degree Celsius. Tourists looking for outdoor activities during the Mussoorie trip try to avoid visiting during this season. 

Post Monsoon season or Autumn Season: Autumn season is also pleasant for tourists venturing in Mussoorie. It starts from October and ends in November and ranges between 10 to 18 Degree Celsius. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the nearby trek of the site. Additionally, this site is the route of Har Ki dun Trek that can also be explored. 

Winter Season: This season comes with heavy snowfall attracting tourists from all over India and nearby states. Winter season starts from December to March but snowfall can be seen in the months of January and February. Travelers can plan their trip in this season also and enjoy the winter sports. 

Types Of Camp

Alpine Camps in Mussoorie

Experience the renowned allure of camping in the alpine landscapes of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Our camp tour package offers a range of services, all included in the attractive pricing

1. Standard Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snackes
4. Dance Music
5. Bonfire / Campfire
6. Parking

Mussoorie Camping
Luxury Camp Mussoorie

Luxury camping in Mussoorie

Discover the allure of luxury camping in the picturesque settings of Mussoorie. Enroll now in our exclusive package and immerse yourself in the tranquility and adventure that await amidst nature’s embrace.

1. Luxury Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snackes
4. Dance Music
5. Bonfire / Campfire
6. Parking
7. Attached Washroom
8. Power Backup
9. Swimming Pool


Ultra Luxury camping in Mussoorie

Hillway Travels introduces exclusive tour packages featuring enchanting camping experiences in Mussoorie. Explore our Ultra Luxury Tour Packages for an unforgettable escape into nature, and secure your spot today.

1. Ultra Luxury Accommodation
2. Three Meals
3. Evening Snackes
4. Dance Music
5. Bonfire / Campfire
6. Parking
7. Attached Washroom
8. Power Backup
9. Swimming Pool

Ultra Luxury Camp Mussoorie

5 Best Campsites in Mussoorie

Tourists exploring Mussoorie can also book a camp for the stay and fun activities. The camps in Mussoorie are enclosed from lofty mountains and deep jungles. This adds up more thrill in the dazzling place. Here, we have provided the list of important camps that wanderlust freaks can venture out. 

Camping in George Everest 

George Everest is an important site that is visited by tourists. This destination is the abode of Sir George Everest and provides a glimpse of his life journey. Travelers exploring the sites also visit his residence and camp in the nearby area. There are many travel agencies that provide all the types of camps and provide a comfortable, serene environment. In order to reach the camp, tourists have to hike for a few kilometers in the beautiful destination enclosed with alpine trees. From here, trekkers can see the bird eye view of the Dehradun Valley twinkling with lights. 

Haripur Camp 

Haripur is a small town located near Mussoorie. It gives solace to tourists who look solace far from civilization. Hariour Luxury and Ultra Luxury Camp is spread across in the Garhwal Mountains presenting a dazzling view. Tourists can contact the travel agency and book Mussoorie Alpine Camp Package or Luxury or Ultra Luxury Camp accordingly. In camping sites, wanderlust freaks will be provided 2 meals, snacks, adventure activities and fun activities including Bonfire, singing and Dancing. In addition, the stay under the sky becomes more beautiful with long chats with our loving people. 

Jungle Adventure Retreat 

Jungle Adventure Retreat is another level of joy hidden in the dense mountains. In this camp, tourists will be taken deep into the jungles of Mussoorie and the stay will be made comfortable with the essential amenities. Tourists looking for adventure can select this camp and start their journey. Here, travelers can easily connect with nature and explore the flora and fauna of the jungle. Moreover, you can reach the pinnacle of the peak with a few kilometer hike and take in the view of the Valley. Clouds will definitely accompany your journey to the mountain peak.

Mussoories Adventure Camp

Mussoorie Adventure Camp is located near the eye-catching site: Cloud End in Mussoorie. It provides all the adventure activities and nature sightseeing walk and trek. Here, tourists will encounter the colorful birds and flowers with green long trees. Additionally, the lofty mountains will make your way a bit challenging but it becomes fruitful as you reach the destination. Travelers will be accompanied with other tourists from different places, cultures and most importantly with different stories. This trek will make sure that you make long lasting memories in Alpine Camp or Luxury or Ultra Luxury Camp. 

Mussoorie Luxury Camp with Swimming Camp 

Mussoorie Camps have more beautiful items in their itinerary that will leave the tourists spell bound. Here, tourists can enjoy swimming in the mountains making a dream come true. These sites have their own charm and swimming in the beautiful mountains can give you the next level experience. This experience will always remain with you for a lifetime. Tourists can select the camp and then lap up the fun that this site presents. 

To wrap up the above information, camping in Mussoorie unfolds many activities that will make your stay worth it. Camping fascinates nature lovers when they wake up in the beautiful mountains with the songs of birds. In camps, tourists experience the beautiful life that was ebbing away in the traffic jams of the city.  Here, mountains narrate their stories and give joy to the tourists. This can only be witnessed in the dawn and dusk time, lush green pasture lands and twinkling stars and clear sky. It can be a perfect stay that can perfectly heal the distorted souls and emotions. Bonfires and stargazing will be included in this souvenir. Now, let’s book a Mussoorie Camping Package and start our voyage to the wanderland.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Mussoorie Camping

Travelers planning for mussoorie camp can select alpine camp, Luxury camp and ultra luxury camp. The prices for all these camps vary accordingly. Therefore you can scroll up the page and check the camp price. Whereas the price range varies between Rs899 to 3499. 

Yes, camping is allowed in specific places of mussoorie. Tourists can book a Mussoorie camping package and need not to worry about trekking sites and essentials required in it. All the camping items will be provided by the travel agency including meals. Hence, tourists can contact our agency and book camp accordingly with all details. 

Mussoorie distance from Dehradun is 30 Kilometer or 22 Miles and it takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to reach the destination. Travelers can get a bus or can reach the site. 

Yes, there are many riverside camping spots in mussoorie. Tourists can camp on this striking sites and make.

The distance from Mussoorie to Dehradun is 35 Kilometer. This distance can be covered in approximately 2 hours. 

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