Dharansi Pass Trek

Dharansi Pass Trek

Dharansi Pass Trek is an average trek located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This is a stunning trek that invites trekking enthusiasts at the pinnacle of the peak. It is a narrow passage located at a height of 4,300 Meters or 14,107 feet in the Himalayan region. Furthermore, the expedition to the mountains begins from Joshimath gaon and proceeds to Lata gaon, Debrugheta, and Hitoli. The total distance for trekking in Dharansi Pass of Uttarakhand is approximately 50 to 55 Kilometers. Travelers seem to be enthusiastic about the journey and can schedule the trip in summer and post-monsoon season. 

Dharansi Pass of Uttarakhand connects the Nanda Devi Trek route. Travelers can reach the destination and see the view of the snow-capped peaks of Nanda Devi Peak. Trekkers enthusiastic about the Nanda Devi East Base Camp trek can continue their journey from Dharansi Pass. During the trek, it is important to hire a trek leader to provide the right directions and help in the Dharansi Pass Trek of Uttrakhand. Trekking enthusiasts can scroll down the page and read more about the dazzling expedition. Thereafter, contact Hillway Travels and book a trek package on the scheduled date.

Dharansi Pass Trek

Dharansi Pass Trek Complete Analysis

Alpine enthusiasts must have precise information concerning the Dharansi Pass Trek. Now, they can move towards the wide-ranging details of the Himalayan trek. The points presented below outline all the essential details. It will contribute in finalizing the trek-related plan. 


  • Location: Chamoli District of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand
  • Altitude: 4,300 Meters or 14,107 feet 
  • Base Camp: Joshimath
  • Trek Duration: 5 to 6 Days
  • Trek Distance: 50-55 Km
  • Hardship Level of Trek: Moderate 
  • Best Time to Visit: Summer and Post Monsoon Season
  • Trek Route: Joshimath, Lata Village, Lata Kharak, Hitoli, and Suraj Thotha
  • Nearest Famous Treks: Roopkund Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, Valley of Flowers Trek, Rupin Pass Trek, and Kedarkantha Trek 
  • Nearest Famous Destination: Joshimath, Auli, Hitoli, Badrinath, Hemkund Sahib, and Valley of Flowers National Park 
  • Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar or Rishikesh Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant

Nanda Devi Dharansi Pass Trek Best Time

The best thing about Dharansi Pass trek is that it presents a beautiful view of the snowcapped Nanda Devi Peak. Travelers setting out for the expedition must be aware about its best trekking season. The detailed season-wise information concerning the trekking in Dharansi Pass are simplified below. 

April to June (Summer Season): The summer temperature in Garhwal peaks is recorded between 5 Degree Celsius to 14 Degree Ceslius in daytime. However, the temperature starts to plunge into 2 Degree Celsius. This season is the most suitable season for trekking in the mountains. 

July to September (Monsoon Season): The monsoon season experiences heavy rainfall and landslides. It is the most unpredictable season for climbing in the peaks of mountains.Trekkers must avoid these months for scheduling the Dharansi Pass Trek. 

August to November (Post-Monsoon Season):  After the summer season, the post monsoon season is also known for its certainty. The temperature begins to fall at the onset of winters. The recorded temperature is between 2 Degree Celsius to 5 Degree Celsius. Adventure seekers can think about these months for trekking in the Himalayas. 

December to March (Winter Season): The month of December sees the onset of winter in the mountains. Initially, the temperature starts to drop to zero Degree Celsius to negative. It also snow heavily in the region making the climb difficult. Nonetheless, trekkers who admire the snowfall also schedule the trek in these months.

Dharansi Pass Trek Uttrakhand

Uttarakhand Dharansi Pass Trek Itinerary

The expedition begins from Rishikesh, Dehradun, or Haridwar and proceeds to the famous nearest town: Joshimath. Tourists will directly get a bus from Rishikesh to Joshimath. They can also hire a cab or taxi for a comfortable journey. Once the trekkers reach their destination, they will set out for a 6 to 7-day expedition in one of the best treks of Uttarakhand. The comprehensive details concerning the Dharansi Pass Trek itinerary are simplified below. Adventure seekers must go through the trek route for the expedition familiarization.

  • Travel Distance: 256 Km
  • Travel Time: 9 to 10 hours 
  • Tourists are required to travel 256 Km from Rishikesh and 273 Km from Haridwar to reach a stunning hamlet named: Joshimath
  • The spiritual stops of the journey are Devprayag, Rudraprayag, and Karnaprayag
  • Travel Distance: 25 Km
  • Trek Distance: 2 Km
  • Travel Time: 2-3 hours
  • Here, travelers will cover 25 Kilometer by driving and 1.5 Km distance by trekking. 
  • Alpine enthusiasts will encounter Pahadi mud houses  on their journey.
  • Trek Distance: 9 Km
  • Trek Time: 5-6 Hours
  • It is a difficult expedition that demands prior trekking experience.
  • A four kilometer trek through Bhelta village is an alternate route to reach the same destination.
  • Trek Distance: 10 Km
  • Trek Time: 6-7 Hours
  • The hike from Lata Kharak to Dharansi Pass will present an eye-catching view of the emerald meadows also known as Bugyals. 
  • Jhandi Shar cliff is near to the Dharani Pass.
  • Trek Distance: 14 Km
  • Trek Time: 8-9 Hours
  • Malthuni-Bethartoli is a ridge that separates Dharansi Pass to Debrugheta. 
  • After reaching Debrugheta, trekkers will be instructed to return to Dharansi Pass for camping.
  • Trek Distance: 12 Km
  • Trek Time: 5 to 6 Hours 
  • The voyage will begin from Dharansi Pass to Jhandi Dhar to Tomla gaon and finally to a striking hamlet: Hitoli.
  • The destination will be enclosed with high alpine trees.
  • Trek Distance: 8 Km 
  • Travel Distance: 30 Km
  • Trek Time: 6 hours 
  • Firstly, travelers have to go for a 8 Km trek and then hop into a bus or taxi for a 2 hours drive.
  • Surai Thotha is a small stop for buses, cabs and taxis. 
  • Tourists will be required to reach Joshimath and then to Rishikesh or Dehradun.

In the above sections, we have presented all the information required for trekking in Dharansi Pass. Alpine enthusiasts must go through the details and then plan for the trek accordingly. The planning portion for trekking can be divided into many sections. Firstly, a brief information regarding the expedition, then booking a trek package, and essentials required in the voyage. Travel enthusiasts should also be aware of the Dharansi Pass Trek Map. It will familiarize the travelers with the new location. Furthermore, trekkers who are new to the destination can hire a tour guide and set out for the amazing expedition. On this journey, the natives of the location will also accompany and present new insight into a different life. Now, it’s the right moment to venture out for the Garhwal expedition and become part of the captivating environment.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dharansi Pass Nanda Devi Trek

The altitude of Dharansi Pass is estimated at 4,300 Meters or 14,107 feet above sea level. 

Travel enthusiasts can climb on the Himalayan mountains and reach the destination within 2 to 3 days from base camp. It is important to have good physical and mental strength to summit the destination.

The trek of Dharansi Pass begins from Joshimath and continues to a beautiful hamlet: Lata gaon, Lata Kharach, Debrugheta and finally to narrow passage. The trail is accompanied by towering mountain ranges, alpine trees, spectacular waterfalls and colorful birds.

The cost of the Dharansi Pass Nanda Devi Trek ranges between Rs 27,000 to Rs 29,000. All the services will be under the given trek package. However, alpine enthusiasts can inquire about all the facilities and then book the package.

Trekking in Dharansi Pass can be done in any of the Himalayan seasons. Nonetheless, travel enthusiasts can set out for a thrilling journey at the end of the spring season or post-monsoon season. The weather in these seasons remains pleasant and stable for the expedition.

Yes, beginners can also set out for Dharansi Pass trek of Uttarakhand. Addition to that, it is important to have stamina for the expedition in the Himalayan terrain. If you lag in physical and mental strength then it is important to go for easy treks.

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