Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek: A Voyage to the Pinnacle of Beauty

Brahmatal Trek is a stunning trek located in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand. This trek begins at the Lohajung Village and takes 4-5 days to summit the destination. Brahmatal trek is situated at the height of 38,000 meters enclosed with Trishul Peak, Nanda Ghunti Peak, and Chaukhamba. Trekkers begin their expedition from base camp and move forward in the Gujrani and Telandi Village. Here camps will be pitched for the night stay, bonfires and dinner. Furthermore, this camping gives tranquility and thrill at the same time. Here trekkers share their experiences , life stories and talk about random topics. They also sing, dance and do other activities that make their bond stronger. In this way, they learn team spirit and empathy which are generally ignored in the hustle-bustle of life. Trekking can give an upside experience to enhance the human skills that rejuvenates us and gives us a right direction in life. Once the Brahmatal trek is concluded, explorers can begin the expedition in the best treks of Uttarakhand.

Brahmatal Trek Difficulty Level

The Brahmatal Trek, in particular, is a basic to intermediate-level trek. As trekking enthusiasts must be knowing, it begins from the base camp: Lohagunj, and ends at the pinnacle. For beginners, they might find it easy but as soon as they proceed to the challenging terrain it is expected to become difficult. On the other hand, proficient trekkers enjoy the beauty of the dazzling mountains and their flora and fauna. They find it a bit difficult but that’s the challenge that every trek throws at them. They are aware of its handling process and enjoy it. The rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions make the trek challenging. Still, trekkers make their way to the Brahamtal Peak and summit it victoriously.

Brahmatal Trek
Brahmatal Trek Uttrakhand India

Essential Requirement For Brahmatal Trek:

  1. Bring ID proof ask by forest dept.
  2. Back pack (60 ltr -70ltr)- with comfortable shoulder straps, frame, and back pack cover (line the bag with polythene).
  3. Waterproof Trekking shoes – Mandatory high ankle with good grips.
  4. 2 synthetic /waterproof Track Pants (Do not bring shorts, tight jeans, Capris)
  5. T-shirts – 3 full sleeve.
  6. 1 Fleece jacket will be a good idea; a woollen sweater would be an alternative.
  7. 1 Wind proof jacket, 1 Heavy jacket, Thermal Inners.
  8. 2 pairs cotton socks and 2 pairs woollen socks, 2 pair water proof hand gloves.
  9. Sun protection cream, Woolen monkey cap/balaclava that cover the ear.
  10. A woolen head-scarf or muffler/ Sun Cap.
  11. Sun glasses – Dark with side cover, it should be U/V protected. Curved ones will cover your eyes well.
  12. Head Torch with extra batteries, Power Bank to charge mobile, if you not spoil your trek.
  13. Water bottle- one liter each.
  14. Lip Balm/ cold cream/Hand Sanitizer, Toilet kit/ toilet Paper / wipes.
  15. Quick dry Towel- It should be light / thin, Walking Stick – Mandatory (At least one).
  16. Gaiters advisable Trek.

Brahmatal Trek 2024 Itinerary

  1. After arrival on Lohajung our representative will meet you here and will assist for check in at Guest House/ Lodge.
  2. Rest of the day at leisure at Village.
  1. After take hot breakfast, we move for our first base campsite Gujarani .
  2. Today we cover 8 km long trek in4-5hr crossing the rhododendron tree jungle.
  3. From Begum, we take some rest here, this place provides awesome views of Navali Bugyal and Bagji Bugyal.
  4. After feel energetic we move to Gujarani. Pitch camphere and serve hot lunch.
  5. Here you enjoy snow and forget about your tiredness.
  6. Dinner & overnight stay in camp.
  1. We break camps early & start trek for Brahmtal (3400M), the place where Lord Brahma is said to have meditated long ago.
  2. This forest is home to Monal, the State bird of Uttrakhand.
  3. Views of peaks like Trishul, Bithartoli & Nandaghunti will keep your cameras busy today.
  4. The lake of Brahmatal is small in size & is difficult to locate from a distance especially in winters when it’s completely frozen.
  5. We will find a camping spot by the lake & set up camps for the night.
  6. It can be very cold here in the months of winters but our camps & sleeping bags will keep us warm during the night.
  1. Today’s is an easy day. You can choose to carry a daypack & leave your backpack in the camps as we will be returning to the same camp.
  2. We trek to the Brahmtal Top ( 3846 M). Look out for the magnificent views of Himalayan range on your right.
  3. Two of the most prominent peaks are Mt. Trishul, Nandaghunti which look so close as if you are watching them on a theatre screen.
  4. Return to the camp.
  1. This day marks the end of the magnificent trek.
  2. After enjoying the best views and the snow laden trail, we move to Lohajung.
  3. We will reach Lohajung by the afternoon.
  4. This day could be used to rest as well as explore the small town and hear the mythological stories by the locals and immerse in their culture.
  5. Stay in the guest house.

In the morning board vehicle for the return journey to Kathgodam with sweet memory of this beautiful trek.

Best Season of Brahmatal Trek

Every season is appropriate to begin the Brahmatal Trek. Explorer who get captivated with the snowfall can start the exploration in the winter season. The season starts from the month of November and ends in March. Temperature in the snowy wonderland dips between -8 Degree Celsius to 5 Degree Celsius. In addition to that it is challenging to walk on the snow covered route with the backpacks. Therefore, it is advised to the beginners to schedule their trek plan in spring or summer season. The trek in these seasons will be less challenging as compared to other seasons. Contrastingly, summer temperature fluctuates between 25 Degree Celsius to 27 Degree Celsius. The scorching heat can hinder the trail of summit but the stable weather and cold winds can give relief. Spring and Post monsoon season temperatures can also be seen as appropriate for trekking. Trekkers can select any of the seasons and begin their exploration.

Best Season of Brahmatal Trek

Nearby Places to Brahmatal Trek

Travelers visiting Uttarakhand come up with an itinerary to make their stay full of thrill. Moreover a single place can connect to many nearby places that can be explored easily if the information is provided. Here, we have updated the nearby places of Brahamtal Lake. Once the peak is submitted, trekkers can begin their expedition in the surrounding places. Let us check out the destination that can be visited in the exciting expedition. 

Kedarkantha Trek 

Kedarkantha Trek is an adventurous trek located at the Govind Pashu National Park in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is enclosed in the high-altitude Himalayan Ranges at 12,500 feet or 3,800 meters in height. It is famous for the sunrise view which makes the horizon beautiful and serene. Therefore, many trekkers come to explore the journey set on the Garhwal range’s rugged terrain blended with the lush green meadows and high altitude flora and fauna. It takes around 4 to 5 days to complete the trek and reach the final destination. Furthermore, it starts from a small town called Sankari Village and ascends to Juda ka Talab, the base camp, and finally to the pinnacle. The total distance covered is estimated at 16 Kilometers and can be started by beginners because of its moderate level. 

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal trek is one more expedition that can be included in the trekking itinerary. It is a 22-kilometer trek that can be located in the Uttarkashi district of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. It is 185 miles from Dehradun (the Capital City of Uttarakhand) and takes 9 to 10 hours to reach Uttarkashi. The route is also used by the pilgrimages heading to the Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham. This trek is famous among the hikers and is visited throughout the year. In addition to the trek, it is located at 12,500 feet enclosed with the Kedarkantha Peak, Rupin Pass, and many other well-known peaks. The trek can be a bit challenging but also rewarding when submitted by beginners as well as skilled. While trekking, it is mandatory to be physically and mentally fit and have perseverance to walk through the rugged terrain and bad weather. 

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek is also a perfect trek that can be started after the Brahmatal Trek. Each trek has its untold story narrated by the hikers in its way. Here, rhododendrons and oak trees will accompany the trekkers on their expedition that begins in a small village known as Karachi Village in the Joshimath district of Uttarakhand. It is a moderate trek with a height of 12,516 feet that takes 4 to 5 days to summit the peak and reach the base camp. From Karachi Gaon, trekkers have to move their head to the Akrotghetta then to Kuari Pass, and lastly to summit the trek destination. A beautiful skiing destination is also near the Kuari Pass trek that can also be explored. 

Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek

Gurson Bugyal or Gorso Bugyal is an enchanting trek located 3 kilometers away from Auli (Uttarakhand’s famous Skiing Adventure Site). Hence, it is called the Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek. In Uttarakhand, lush green landscapes are called Bugyals or meadows. Tourists find these places attractive whereas they act as the grazing ground for cattle. It is a 3 3-kilometer trek that can be traced at 3056 meters in height. These pastures are covered with oak trees and Coniferous forests. This trek attracts travelers throughout the year but can be extremely challenging in the winter season. In the winter season, it takes a blanket of heavy snow, and becomes difficult to move forward. In contrast, it has become the best destination in Uttarakhand for skiing. Every year lakhs of tourists visit this place and go skiing. 

Trishul Peak Expedition

Trekking enthusiasts who want to level up from trek experience can start the expedition of the top Himalayan Mountains. Expeditions of the Garhwal peaks demand more physical strength and courage to summit these peaks. Furthermore, these summits can be dangerous but also thrilling at the same time. Near Brahmatal Trek, the Mount Trishul Peak expedition is well-known in the mountaineering itinerary. It is situated at 23,360 altitude and takes 26 days to summit the Himalayan peak. The name of the mountain’s significance is derived from Lord Shiva’s weapon “Trishul”. Before commencing the mountaineering expedition, it is important to take basic training from an experienced trainer. Thereafter, they can begin the journey in the best season i.e. May to October. It is mandatory to adjust to the weather to make the climbing successful. 

Henceforth, trekking can be a great thrill that a traveler’s life is looking for. It can start any phase of life and makes an expedition exciting. To start with the trekking, it is not necessary to reach the pinnacle of the peak. However, strong will and a positive attitude can make you summit Garhwal mountain successfully. Brahmatal trek can be the beginning to start the climbing voyage. Hiking enthusiasts can schedule the trekking tour and pack their backpack with all the essentials needed in the tour. The important items include a Camping tent, Sleeping bags, First Aid kit, comfortable trekking shoes, and other numerous things. In the winter season, keep your insulated jackets and thermal inner wears to manage the cold winds.

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Brahmatal Trek

The approximate distance of Brahmatal Trek is 23 Kilometers that can be covered in 4 days.

Explorers can start the Brahmatal trek in summer as well as winter season. The best season to trek in Brahmatal is winters. This season is filled with balls of snow covering the landscapes of the rugged terrain of mountains. At first, it looks like white sheet over the mountains. Trekking enthusiasts pack their bags in winter and kick off the trek.

Brahmatal trek has received its significance from Lord Brahma. In vedic scriptures, this sacred site is well known as the meditation place of lord Brahma. Devotees traveling in chamoli district also visit the holy place to take the blessings of Brahma.

Brahmatal Trek is moderate level trek similar to the Monal Top Trek. If you have summited to the peak of Monal Top then trekkers can also summit at Brahamtal Peak. The terrain of the mountains and weather is the same as Monal Top Trek. 

The base camp of Brahmatal Trek is Lohagunj that is placed at the 7,800 feet above the sea level.

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