Kartik Swami Trek

Kartik Swami Trek

Kartik Swami Trek is a spiritual expedition located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. It is a 3-kilometer trek that begins from Kanak-chauri and ends at the Kartik Swami Temple. This temple worships the elder son of Lord Shiva: Kartikey. Devotees visit the destination and take the blessings of the lord. The height of Kartik Swami Temple is around 3,100 Meters or 10,171 feet above sea level. Alpine enthusiasts can set out for the divine journey from Rudraprayag and are required to reach the Kanak-Chauri market. It is the starting point of the trek that can be completed within one day only. However, travelers pitch the camps under the beautiful sky and cherish the natural elegance. This site presents a captivating few of the surrounding Himalayan peaks including Mount Trishul, Chaukhamba, and Neelkantha. Trekking in Kartik Swami temple is moderate level and demands holistic fitness. If you are a traveling enthusiast and looking for a spiritual and striking destination then this site is worth the effort. The details regarding the Kartik Swami Trek are simplified in the following sections in the given page.

Kartik Swami Trek

Kartik Swami Temple Trek Outline

Kartik Swami Trek can be scheduled in any month of the year. However, it will be appropriate to plan the trek in June. In this month, Kalash Yatra and Kartik Swami Mahayagya are conducted by the priest. Travelers seeking out more such information can scroll down to the points outlined below. They provide all the necessary information required for the Garhwal mountain expedition. 


  • Location: Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand
  • Altitude: 3,100 Meters or 10,171 feet 
  • Famous Deity: Lord Kartikeya
  • Mythological Significance: Abode of Lord Kartikeya
  • Duration of Trek: 1 Day
  • Starting Point: Kanak-Chauri 
  • Trekking Distance: 38 Kilometer from Rudraprayag and 3 Km from Kanak-Chauri
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Surrounding Mountains: Neelkanth, Trishul and Chaukhamba
  • Nearby Accommodation Place: Vishnuprayag 
  • Kartik Swami Mahayagya and Kalash Yatra: Every Month of June
  • Famous Spiritual Place: Rudraprayag: Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi River 
  • Nearby Famous Treks: Dodital Trek, Valley of Flowers Trek, Chandrashila Tungnath Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek and Roopkund Trek
  • Nearest Famous Destinations: Ukhimath, Gopeshwar, Madhyamaheswar, Tungnath, and Chopta
  • Nearest Railway Station: Rishikesh Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant

Kartik Swami Temple Uttarakhand

Kartik Swami Temple is well known as the abode of lord Kartikey, elder son of Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati challenged Lord Ganesha and Kartikey to take seven rounds of the universe. Furthermore, the first person to finish the given task will be honored to be worshiped at the religious rites. Lord Kartikey set off to begin the seven rounds of the universe. However, Lord Ganesha took seven rounds around Lord Shiva and Parvati and thanked them for being his universe. Both gods were pleased with the response in the task and gave him blessings that lord Ganesha will be worshiped first in Hindu rituals. When Lord Kartikey heard about all the incidents in his absence was agitated about the decision. After that, he scarified his body in the Kartik Swami temple. It is also said that the Lord stays here. As a result, lots of devotees visited the destination and took blessings of God and appreciated the beauty of the towering mountains

Kartik Swami Trek Uttrakhand
Kartik Swami India

Kartik Swami Temple Trek Best Season

Devotees can now learn about the best season to plan the Himalayan trek. The comprehensive information concerning the weather in the famous destination are simplified below. It is necessary to grasp the season-wise details and select any of the month for trekking, 

Summer Season: The weather of the Garhwal region remains pleasant for the tourists. It is among the certain seasons with recorded temperature between 15 Degree Celsius to 19 Degree Celisus. The expedition in this season is refreshing and takes pleasure in the towering mountains. 

Monsoon Season: The monsoon season makes the Kartik Swami Trek route difficult. Still, enthusiastic trekkers access the destination and take blessings of Lord Kartikey.

Post Monsoon Season: The post-monsoon season begins from October and remains till the end of November. Trekkers can also begin their journey in this season. The weather in the route remains stable for trekking in the trekking trail. 

Winter Season: In winter, the temperature begins to drop and reaches zero degree celsius. It also snows at the end of December. This attracts lots of tourists to beautiful destinations. If you admire snowfall then schedule the Kartik Swami Temple trek in winters. 

Kartik Swami Temple Trek Itinerary

Trekking enthusiasts can venture out for the Himalayan expedition. However, it’s important to get familiar with the route and plan for the journey accordingly. The Kartik Swami Temple trek is among the best treks that can easily be completed within 3 days. The divine voyage begins in Rishikesh and ends here only. The simplified information on the Kartik Swami Trek Map is given below.

  • Travel Distance:  38 Km
  • Travel Time: 4 Hours
  • In this journey, river Ganga accompanies the traveler with the lofty Himalayan ranges. 
  • The destinations that will be part of the journey are Devprayag, Srinagar, and finally Rudraprayag. 
  • Hotels are easily available here for night stay.
  • Trek Distance: 3 Km
  • Trek Time: 2-3 Hours
  • Tourists who have reached Bageshwar can continue their journey to Kanak-chauri market.
  • The 3-Km trek begins from the respective site.
  • It is a moderate climb that ends at the temple. 
  • Devotees can pitch camps in this beautiful site or return to Kanak-Chauri.
  • Tourists can book a cab or taxi in order to Rishikesh or they can hop into the bus.
  • The distance will easily be covered in 4 to 5 hours. 
  • This hike becomes an everlasting memory in the trekkers heart.

Kartik Swami temple trek is a spiritual journey that captivates nature admires. This stunning destination greets tourists with its open arms. If you are looking for a hike in the Himalayan mountains then this destination can make you feel better. Travelers can book a Kartik Swami Trek Package at affordable prices and set out for a journey. Furthermore, all the hiking facilities will be provided under the given package. It is high time to go for the striking expedition and make long-lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Kartik Swami Trek of Uttarakhand

Kartik Swami Trek is among the easiest trek of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Beginners as well as experienced trekkers can schedule for the trek that begins from Kanak-Chauri market of Rudraprayag.

Adventure enthusiasts can set out for Kartik Swami Temple journey from Rishikesh. It is 137 Kilometer which takes 4 hours to reach the destination. Thereafter, a trek of 3 kilometers begins from the starting  point.

The height of the Kartik Swami Temple is 3,100 Meters or 10,171 feet above sea level. It presents the holistic view of the Garhwal mountains including Chaukhamba Peak, Trishul Peak and Neelkantha.

Trekking in Kartik Swami Temple must be done in the best month of the year. Devotees can visit the temple in the month of June as the Kartik Swami Mahayagya and Kalash Yatra is conducted in this month. However, trekking enthusiasts can schedule the trek in any season.

The distance from Rudraprayag to Kartik Swami Temple of Uttarakhand is 3 Kilometer. It is a 1 day trek that can be easily be trekked.

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