Panchachuli Base Camp

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek is a striking outdoor adventure located at the Pithoragarh district of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. There are five peaks from north to south under Panchachuli peaks of Kumaon hills. The highest peak in these peaks is Peak II at the height of 6,024 meters. According to vedic mythology, this destination was used by the Panadavas for cooking their last meal while heading towards heaven. Hiking devotees from all over India approach the Pithoragarh district to venture out for trekking in the lofty mountains. The height of Panachauli Base Camp trek is 4,260 Meters or 13,975 Feet and takes around 7 days to complete the expedition. Furthermore, it is a moderate trek that demands continuous physical and mental workout for the summit. Travelers can book a trek package for trekking in the Panchachuli peak and make everlasting memories.

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Overview

Enthusiastic tourists looking forward to the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek can run over the brief information provided in the points outlined below. These points present accurate information that will assist in making plans for the trek. In addition, it will also give ideas about the expedition that will be ventured soon. 

  • Location: Pithoragarh District of Kumaon
  • Altitude: 4,260 Meters or 13,975 Feet
  • Number of Panchachuli Peaks: Five
  • Highest Peak: Peak II 
  • Starting Point of Trek: Dharchula 
  • Duration of Trek: 9 to 10 days
  • Difficulty Level: Average
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring, Summer and Winter Season
  • Famous Activities: Trekking, Camping, Scenic Photography, Bird-watching, and Meditation
  • Nearest Famous Treks: Milam Glacier Trek, Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek, Kafni Glacier Trek, Pindari Glacier Trek, Ralam Glacier Trek, Darma Valley Trek, and Balati Pass Trek
  • Nearest Famous Destinations: Munsiyar, Chaukori, Champawat, Bageshwar, Almora, Kausani, Binsar, and Jageshwar
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant

Panchachuli Glacier Trek Best Time

Tourists setting out for trekking in the Panchachuli trek of Uttarakhand must select the best season for it. The details concerning all the seasons of the Himalayas are given below. Travelers must go through it and select any of the seasons for the forthcoming trek. 

March to June: The accumulated snow begins to melt with the penetration of sun rays. Spring and summer seasons experience the increasing temperature in the Kumaon hills. The recorded temperature of the mountains oscillates between 4 Degrees Celsius to 13 Degrees Celsius. This weather is pleasant for hiking in the lofty mountains. In the daytime, the scorching sun will not tease the climbers and the cold in the night will make them admire the journey. 

July to September: In Kumaon Hills, these months experience heavy rainfall with thunder and cloud bursts. The mountains become weak in this season and demand risk in the journey. Therefore, travelers must avoid this season for expeditions. 

October to November: These months are again pleasant for climbing in the five Panchachuli peaks of Kumon. The temperature begins to drop but remains bearable for moving forward to the summit. Trekkers are advised to carry woolen clothes to manage the cold winds.  

December to February: This is the winter season that experiences freezing temperatures in the high-altitude mountains. The temperature recorded in the mountains remains between zero Degree Celsius to minus 5 Degree Celsius. At the end of December, it begins to snow, making the expedition surreal.

Panchachuli Trek

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Trekking becomes enjoyable when planned systematically. Hence, it is important to grasp the trek-related information and become familiar with the Panchachuli base camp trek map. It will assist the tourists to make the 6 to 7-day expedition in the right direction. The detailed explanation of the day-wise Panchachuli Base camp Trek route is simplified in the following sections. Travelers must go through the given details and plan the trek accordingly.

  • Travel Distance from Delhi to Kathgodam: 270 Km to 300 Km
  • Travel Distance from Dehradun to Kathgodam: 340 to 350 Km
  • Travel Distance from Kathgodam to Almora: 180 Km 
  • It takes a maximum of 15 to 17 hours to cover the distance by road.
  • Hotels will be provided after reaching the destination.
  • Drive + Trek Distance:  42 Km + 5 km
  • Total Time: 2 hours + 2 hours
  • After reaching Dharchula, hiking devotees will be taken to Sobla Gaon and then to Dar Gaon by road.
  • 5 Km trekking will be done from Dar gaon to Urthing.
  • Camps will be pitched in the beautiful Kumaon village.
  • Trek Distance: 10 Km
  • Trek Time: 5 hours
  • It begins from lofty mountains with habitable local people.
  • Tourists will encounter “Pahadi” customs and traditions with the natives.
  • Travelers can also spend their night with these people.
  • Trek Distance: 11 Km
  • Trek Time: 7 hours
  • Son gaon is an inhabitable dazzling site situated in Kumaon hills.
  • Travelers will camp in the emerald meadow and take rest.
  • Trek Distance: 4 Km
  • Trek Time: 1 Hour
  • It is a final day to summit at the apex of the Panchachuli Peak of Kumaon ranges. 
  • Trekkers can reach any of the five ranges of Panchachuli peaks. 
  • After the summit, they will return to the inhabitable site of Son.
  • Trek Distance: 11 Km
  • Trek Time: 7 hours
  • Steep trails with a relaxing descent covered with towering mountains.
  • Again, camps will be pitched in the Kumaon hills with the trekking group.
  • It is the final day of the trek that leads to base camp: Dharchula gaon.
  • Hiking devotees will appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Bus, Taxi, Cab are available in the given destinations.
  • This journey passes through rivers, waterfalls, and Kumaon mountains.
  • Local tradition and custom will amaze the travelers
  • Travel Distance: 340 to 350 Km
  • Travel Time: 9 to 10 hours
  • Bus, Railway Station and Airport can be accessed easily for Delhi.

Alpine enthusiasts seeking out for best treks of Uttarakhand can include Panchachuli Base Camp Trek of Kumon hills. This expedition demands physical and mental fitness to summit the peak successfully. If you have appropriate physical and mental strength then it is high time to start the mountain expedition. It helps the trekkers to get connected with the wonders of nature. Furthermore, it also relaxes the body and mind from the hectic daily routine. If you are a beginner then you can proceed with easy treks. However, moderate treks like the Panchachuli Glacier trek of Uttarakhand demand experience in the Himalayan expedition. Many travel agencies book the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Packages at affordable prices. Alpine enthusiasts can contact them and book any packages on the scheduled date. After, you can start preparing for the trekking in the towering peaks of the Himalayas.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Adventure enthusiasts can schedule trekking in Panchachuli Base Camp trek in the best season. It is a moderate-level of mountain expedition. Consequently, skilled trekkers and beginners can reach the topmost peak of Panchachuli with sheer physical and mental strength.

The duration of Panchachuli Glacier trek is approximately 6 to 7 days. Alpine enthusiasts from various locations are required to reach Purola gaon and then set out for the Kumaon peak expedition. Furthermore, it is also necessary to carry all the essentials needed in the journey.

According to Hindu mythology, it is the famous destination where Pandavas cooked their last meal while heading towards heaven. For this reason, this place is not only visited by trekking enthusiasts but also devotees.

Travel enthusiasts planning for expeditions in among the five Panchachuli Peaks are needed to visit Dharchula Gaon. It is situated at the Pithoragarh district of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. To reach the destination, travelers are required to reach Kathgodam Railway Station. Thereafter, they are required to proceed to base camp: Dharchula gaon.

Panchachuli base camp can be traced in the eastern hills of Kumaon at a height of 4,260 Meters or 13,975 feet above sea level. The snow-covered peaks make the travelers awe-struck by their striking beauty and greet the strong-willed trekkers.

Panchachuli Glacier Trek of Uttarakhand is located at Pithoragarh district of Almora region.

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